10 Things I Hate

Oooh, I have been tagged again, how cool is that? This time Jessie has sent a fun one my way (revenge for tagging her last time!)

Here are ten things that I absolutely detest.

Food: Weird meat like heart, tongue, feet, etc. I am not a big meat fan in general and that stuff just makes me want to hurl.

Fruit: Mango. I think it tastes like turpentine and don´t even get me started on that horrid texture!

Veggies: Broccoli grosses me out. Not because of the taste, but because when I was little, my mom grew her own and no matter how she tried, there were always caterpillars in the broccoli. Cooked and dead, but caterpillars nonetheless. I ALWAYS got at least one and that was it for me, no more food for the entire day!

Celebrities/People: Shannon Sassamon. She was a DJ filling in for a friend when she was ?discovered? for pity sakes. And she got to kiss Heath Ledger. Why don´t things like this ever happen to ME?

Event/Situation/Incident: I hate being on the chicken bus when it is packed and the ayudante comes through to collect the fares. You are already pressed like sardines and this kid comes squeezing in between everyone! Awful!

TV shows/Movies: Scent of a Woman. My husband MUST watch this every single time they show it on tv, even if that means three times in one week. I HATE that movie. It is so irritating.

Salsa: Irving loves this kind of music and I find it very annoying. So he plays it louder. Blech.

Household Chores: Um, all of them. I´m not a good housewife. But if I had to choose one, it would be washing dishes. That is the most disgusting job ever. I actually prefer cleaning toilets to washing dishes.

Things you hate around the world: Greed. Everyone wants more and more and more and they are willing to kill entire countries for it.

Things you hate about yourself: Where do I begin? I guess the thing I hate most is my temper. I´m a china flinging kinda gal when I get angry. But I´ve toned it down drastically since having kids.

My impatience runs a close second!

My impatience runs a close second!

Alright, who to tag this time around? I think I will go with:


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