13 Creative Things I Enjoy Doing

This is my 13th Thursday Thirteen! How´s that for good luck. So, today I´m going to share 13 creative things that I love to do. Of course, I don´t have much time to do any of them anymore!

1. Painting. I like to do portraits in watercolor. I´m not terribly great at it yet, but it´s still fun.

2. Cross-stitch. I´ve only done little projects, but I would love to do a proper wall hanging. The problem is finding embroidery floss down here.

3. Crochet. One of my English students taught me how to crochet about 4 years ago, which is rather embarrassing because my mom is great at all things crafty and I never wanted to learn when she was willing to teach me! Oops. Anyway, when I was bartending days, I would crochet bags out of nylon thread and sell them to the clients. One guy bought nearly 100 to take back to the US with him and sell. It was a profitable gig!

4. Sculpture. My grandmother is super crafty and artistic and she used to take me to her pottery guild when I visited her. I did a bust of my baby sister that turned out very well, if I do say so myself, plus a whole bunch of tiny critters and people.

5. Pottery. Again, with my grandmother, she taught me to throw pots, which I was never terribly great at (ok, I had only 2 weeks ever to try it!), but I did get pretty good at turning out mugs and stuff by rolling and shaping the clay. I would love to have a kiln and try my hand at it again.

6. Woodworking. My dad has this incredible woodwork shop and he used to let us muck around in there. Unfortunately, I am not gifted in this area, but I have lots of fun trying! Again, something to get back into at some point.

7. Cooking. I´m not talking spaghetti and meatballs kind of cooking, but the elegant stuff you see on Top Chef. Love that! I used to cook for dinner parties for my parents. Six course meals and all that. Since I have no kitchen at the moment, that´s not something I do anymore.

8. Sewing. I definitely could use more practice in this area, but I have turned out some pretty decent stuff. In fact, at the age of 16, I made and sold baby jumpers and stuffed cats. A few years ago, I made and sold little dresses. Now, I have two boys and that´s the end of cute dresses around here!

9. Drawing. It´s been a while, but my parents still have a whole bunch of portraits that I drew in pencil. This was before my watercolor days . . . I didn´t start that until I moved down here.

10. Writing. Well, you all know that one.

11. Papercraft. Making cards, cutouts, etc. It´s fun and easy. One year, for Christmas, I filled our entire room (we only had one then) with paper snowflakes, hanging at different levels from the ceiling. It looked like a blizzard had hit.

12. Coloring. I love to get down with Dorian and just color in his coloring books.

13. Crafts. Most crafts are enjoyable, just making something with glue, googly eyes and felt is so enjoyable and fun!

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