13 Milestones NOT in the Baby Book

I read an article in a parenting magazine a while back about non-traditional milestones. The woman put in something like ?Son crawls down bars of crib like Spiderman?. I was just thinking about this because Dorian has been doing a lot of new stuff lately and thought I´d do my TT on it. As you can see it is rather late, I´ve been battling amoebas for a couple of days and don´t feel too well. But better late than never!

13 Milestones NOT in the Baby Book

1. Realizes that by faking an injury, he can get attention. (Dorian throws himself ever-so-gently to the floor and bursts into tears).

2. Repeats Mommy´s angry words. (we won´t go there)

3. Sinks very sharp teeth into mother/father/sibling´s flesh.

4. Eats a piece of bread found in the garbage. (this has happened more than once, unfortunately).

5. Figures out how to use the remote control to change channels when he is bored with whatever his parents are watching. And does so repeatedly.

6. Scribbles on the wall for the first (and most definitely not the last) time.

7. Sticks foreign object in nose/ear.

8. Sticks foreign object in nose/ear of sibling.

9. Discovers that shoes mean going outside. (Dorian´s first words in the morning: ?Car. Shoes!?)

10. Eats dirt for the first time. (rapidly followed by sand, grass and a rock. Gotta try it all, you know!)

11. First taste of soda, which causes a coughing fit, red eyes and a breathless ?MORE!?. (no, we do not allow Dorian to drink soda on a regular basis. He gets a very small amount on special occasions.)

12. Asks to go to bed. (Yes, Dorian actually asks to go to bed . . . not often, but there are times.)

13. Finds gas and other bodily functions hilarious.

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