13 Odd Things in Our Toybox

So, I was just picking up all the toys last night and I realized that there are some very odd things in that toybox! So, I thought I would share.

1. Socks. Three or four mismatched ones, some are Dorian´s, some are Dante´s.

2. Bottle nipple. These appear all over the house, so it´s really not THAT weird.

3. Phone cord. When we were trying to fix the internet, we tried a bunch of different cords. Dorian must have made off with this one.

4. CDs. Dorian has been obsessed with playing with CDs since he was an infant. We just give him all the wrecked ones now.

5. Comb. Dorian likes to pretend to comb his hair.

6. An empty medicine bottle. Not sure why that is in there!

7. Q-tips. ???

8. A baby shoe. Must go with the socks.

9. Ketchup packets. Dorian is a big fan of ketchup and it´s actually a neater way to feed it to him by just opening a corner of the packet.

10. A broken car. This is odd because I swear I have thrown that same car out at least twice. I don´t know how on earth it keeps reappearing in the toybox!

11. Glue. From a craft project we did.

12. Glitter. From our little glitter episode.

13. Toothbrush. It´s Dorian´s. He likes to brush his teeth, but his toothbrush ends up in the strangest places.

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