13 Reasons I´m a Terrible Mom

There are more than a few people who would think I´m doing an awful job of raising kids. I personally think they are turning out ok, but to keep myself humble . . . here are 13 reasons I´m not a good mom.

  1. I have been known, when asked for crackers or raisins, to say something along the lines of ?Look at all those raisins/crackers right there on the floor. Go eat those.?
  2. I let my boys sleep with a bottle far too long.
  3. Most days, I´d really rather not go into town just because it´s such a hassle to dress two little boys and take them with me.
  4. There are days when I let the kids play with things like flyswatters and plastic bags (while watching them, of course), because it is keeping them quiet and busy.
  5. I switch their clothes around randomly. Whatever pair of pants is on top of the laundry basket, that´s what the boy I´m changing gets to wear.
  6. I have actually saved some very cute outfits for a ?special occasion? that never appeared and the clothes were never even worn because I didn´t want them to get ruined.
  7. I absolutely detested breastfeeding and quit as soon as possible with Dante (Dorian never was able to breastfeed) and now I feel guilty about it.
  8. The words ?deal with it? have come out of my mouth . . . while talking to a one year old!
  9. Dorian knows at least one bad word in English.
  10. Time outs around here are almost always longer than the recommended one or two minutes (depending on age).
  11. Dinner has sometimes been just crackers and milk.
  12. My two year old still eats baby cereal.
  13. I didn´t read to Dante until he was several months old, when Dorian got books right from the start.

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