13 Things I Wish I Had

Lately, I´ve been kind of grumpy about my life as an expat. I just keep thinking that life is easier in Canada and I´m just sick of living in one room and not being able to work properly or even cook at night because I have no light in my outdoor kitchen! So, I´ve been daydreaming about what I would buy if I had the disposible income.

13 Things I Wish I Had

1. A bathroom. We share a bathroom with my inlaws, which means 11 people to one tiny little bathroom. It is also nearly a block from my house, which is an awfully long hike in the rain and dark if you have to pee in the middle of the night!

2. Washing machine. Oh, do I miss having a washing machine. I do pay a woman to wash most of the clothes, but she only does them once a week and it takes me a few days to get them back. I just want to be able to toss stuff into the machine and hang it up an hour later!

3. Popcorn popper. I LOVE popcorn. Right now I make it on the stovetop, but it just doesn´t have that same fluffyness as when you air pop it.

4. Coffee machine. Yup, my caffeine obsession is growing. Now I need an actual pot to keep me going!

5. Laptop. For getting away from noisy kids and an equally noisy husband!

6. Car or other sort of vehicle. What can I say? The charm of chicken buses has worn off after 5 years.

7. A fridge. That´s right, I don´t have a fridge. Which means my veggies last all of 6 hours in the tropical heat.

8. Ice cream maker. Ok, this is just pure luxury, but I´m a huge fan of ice cream and just can´t imagine anything better than making my own flavors! Maybe a stiff coffee one for early in the morning . . .

9. A really top end digital camera. Mine is practically dead. I totally don´t blame it, after being dropped a dozen or so times on cobblestones and concrete. The picture is more often fuzzy than not, the memory card that once held 75 photos now shuts down after 15, and the battery compartment door is broken so you have to strain your fingers pressing it up while taking photos.

10. A real desk. I found one on the internet, a big honking corner desk. Room for all my junk, plus my computer! It would take up about half my house, though, so I guess I´ll never get that.

11. Wall-to-wall books. Heck, while we´re at it, make it a whole library!

12. Grass. While Dorian just adores all the dirt in our filthy construction zone, I´m less of a fan when it gets tracked inside constantly and somehow ends up getting every single thing in our one room full of mud.

13. Residency. Then I wouldn´t have to worry about whether I need to leave the country or fix my passport, etc. Which is so much more of a pain when you have kids!

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