13 Things You Will Find on My Floor Any Given Morning

My floor is a mess. But luckily it?s concrete (we haven?t gotten around to tiling) and not carpet, so it mops up very nicely.

1. Coffee. Dorian drinks weak coffee in the morning. I know, bad, bad, bad, but there is actually a reason for this. Because of his condition, he tends to get intestinal blockages. Coffee, for some weird reason, helps. But he?s not good at sitting still to drink it, he runs around with his cup and sloshes it all over. So, really, he doesn?t drink much!

2. Cereal. Again, Dorian. This is why he eats cereal that has only been very slightly moistened with milk, or even dry.

3. Ants. Drawn by the spilled coffee and cereal, no doubt. It?s like a breakfast buffet on my floor for the first hour or so. Until I sweep and mop.

4. Toy cars and pieces of toy cars. Dorian won?t let me toss his broken cars. Every piece serves a purpose, mostly to keep him busy for ages trying to stick things back together!

5. Our blankets. Irving tosses and turns a lot. He also hauls the blankets off of me, so I have long since slept with a sleeping bag (hard to pull THAT off me!). And inevitably, he is shivering by morning, with the bedspread in a heap on the floor.

6. Books. We only have one tiny bookshelf and I have a LOT of books, so they tend to slide off their pile and onto the floor.

7. Sand. Tracked in from the kitchen. Which has a dirt/sand floor at the moment.

8. Tiny blue robots. Penguinos (like Hostess Cupcakes) come with little plasticky toys these days and we always seem to end up with the blue robot. I hate that little guy. I have to sing ?Tengo un Robot? from Hi5 every time we open one of those packets. Course, I could just stop eating Penguinos, I suppose.

9. Hats. This one is on Dante. He throws his hat on the floor at night. I know, he?s only two months old, right? He shouldn?t be able to do stuff like this yet. I think his big brother is teaching him some nasty habits already. He also throws his bottle and then LAUGHS about it.

10. Pens. These are mine. I often have an urge to write a to do list just before I go to sleep. Then I fall asleep in the middle of it and inadvertently knock the pen onto the floor with my flailing.

11. Raisins. Have I written about Dorian?s raisin obsession yet? No? Well, maybe I should.

12. Plastic bags. I swear, I don?t know where these things come from. They are all over the place. Except when I need one, then they scurry away to a very dark place.

13. Footprints. Namely, tiny, naked ones, in muddy, sandy coffee style. Marching right through the spilled cereal and raisins. Followed by an ?AAARGH! MAMA!? because Dorian cannot stand having anything stuck to his feet.

So, share with us. What?s on your floor?

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