13 Weird Facts About Me

It´s Thursday and I´ve been really awful about doing Thursday Thirteens lately, but I think today is a good day to do one. So 13 weird facts about me.

1. I like fruit, but absolutely detest papaya and mango. The texture of both fruits is just so slimy and disgusting!

2. I really enjoy reading young adult books. I do read adult novels, but I just like the ones meant for teens, they´re often very well written and more interesting.

3. My sense of smell is WAY overdeveloped. Irving says I´m like a hound. It means odors that no one else smells drive me insane and when I was pregnant, I would get sick all the time just from smells.

4. I´m not a baby person. I love my kids, but didn´t really bond with them until they started acting like human beings, around 5-6 months. If we ever adopt, I´d like to skip that stage and get an older baby.

5. My middle finger is bent to the outside on both hands. It´s genetic, my mom and sisters have it, too. And, when my boys were born, it´s one of the first things I checked . . . they both have bent fingers, too!

6. When I was little, my Barbies were settlers who lived outside in lean-tos and had gruel for breakfast. No fancy gowns and high heels for my dolls!

7. I used to have hair down to my knees. It drove me nuts, because I was always sitting or kneeling on it and in a fit of rebellion, I shaved my head. It was GREAT! But everyone thought I was either sick or gay.

8. Cooking is one of my favorite things to do, but only if I have the ingredients to make nice stuff. Just tossing together pasta or scrambled eggs bores me.

9. In Canada, I studied to be a paramedic, but got hired as a Level 3 First Aid Attendant on a remote construction site where I had to take a power boat to work. There were 40 guys . . . and me! Since I didn´t have a lot of injuries to deal with, I spent my time learning about construction and finding rare items for the house on the internet. I also took over payroll and organized the boat trips, and compiled a manual for the property.

10. I´m an oatmeal lover. Everyone else seems to hate it, but for me, there´s nothing like a good, hot bowl of oatmeal in the morning with a little milk and some molasseses drizzled over it.

11. I´ve had a lot of businesses, some successful, some not so much. I even started my own store in Antigua before Dorian was born, where I sold my paintings, crocheted bags and baby clothes, jewellry and baby clothes, all made by myself or my best friend at the time.

12. I´m still scared of the dark.

13. My life to do list is so long, I´ll never be finished, even if I live to 100.

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