A New Floor

This is what was going on at my house today . . .

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Yup, that´s my concrete floor going down! Isn´t it beautiful? There are a lot of things that really bug me about my house, but I´m so relieved that I will actually have a proper, concrete floor that I can sweep. (ok, I´ll mention one thing. See those windows. See how high they are? I DID NOT want them like that! I wanted those two in the corner to be a breakfast nook. But the builder wouldn´t listen to me. He thinks they look better like this. We have had a major problem with builders deciding they know better how MY house should look.)

It´s all drying tonight and if we have to go to the bathroom, well, we have to walk through wet concrete! But it will be all walkable tomorrow morning and I´m sure Dorian will figure out all kinds of mischief to get up to in his new giant play area!

We still need to plaster two walls, put in windows and a door, of course and tile the floor. I´m probably going to ask my readers for some design help in a week or two because I am completely undecided about how to do my kitchen! I know the style I want, I just can´t figure out the layout! So, I´m thinking of maybe holding a contest for the best design idea . . . gotta think a bit more. Any ideas on what you guys would like as a prize?

A Sad Thing Happened to the Bed

So, you all remember that we no longer have a bed, right? Well, we might not ever have our bed back again. Which sucks, but kind of makes sense. Here´s the story:

The store where we bought the bed is a family owned string of stores. There is a couple who owns the entire line and they have cousins and siblings managing the individual stores. The one where we bought the bed belonged to a family that Irving´s family knows very well, they live just a couple houses up from us.

Apparently, the head of the chain was kidnapped on Thursday and held for ransom. His sister said she would pay, but only if they released her brother. He was released and she decided not to pay the ransom after all. Now, the sad part is this, the gang went after the WRONG target. They thought they were getting the owner´s youngest son, but they actually went after his nephew.

Who is the son of the store manager where we bought.

Apparently, on Saturday, a woman went in and bought a bed and the guy went to deliver it, with her. He realized when he was nearly there, that a car was following them and he tried to get away, but they ran into him. He got out and took off running and was shot 20 times. Someone saw all this and called his sister who thought he had been injured. When she arrived, her brother was very dead.

Now, the head of the chain of stores has vanished and all the family members are very frightened and have closed their stores. Which is why we may not have a bed again. But this is also a bit frightening to me because they got the WRONG guy. Irving and I are seriously questioning the wisdom of raising our children in this country.

13 Things I Wish I Had

Lately, I´ve been kind of grumpy about my life as an expat. I just keep thinking that life is easier in Canada and I´m just sick of living in one room and not being able to work properly or even cook at night because I have no light in my outdoor kitchen! So, I´ve been daydreaming about what I would buy if I had the disposible income.

13 Things I Wish I Had

1. A bathroom. We share a bathroom with my inlaws, which means 11 people to one tiny little bathroom. It is also nearly a block from my house, which is an awfully long hike in the rain and dark if you have to pee in the middle of the night!

2. Washing machine. Oh, do I miss having a washing machine. I do pay a woman to wash most of the clothes, but she only does them once a week and it takes me a few days to get them back. I just want to be able to toss stuff into the machine and hang it up an hour later!

3. Popcorn popper. I LOVE popcorn. Right now I make it on the stovetop, but it just doesn´t have that same fluffyness as when you air pop it.

4. Coffee machine. Yup, my caffeine obsession is growing. Now I need an actual pot to keep me going!

5. Laptop. For getting away from noisy kids and an equally noisy husband!

6. Car or other sort of vehicle. What can I say? The charm of chicken buses has worn off after 5 years.

7. A fridge. That´s right, I don´t have a fridge. Which means my veggies last all of 6 hours in the tropical heat.

8. Ice cream maker. Ok, this is just pure luxury, but I´m a huge fan of ice cream and just can´t imagine anything better than making my own flavors! Maybe a stiff coffee one for early in the morning . . .

9. A really top end digital camera. Mine is practically dead. I totally don´t blame it, after being dropped a dozen or so times on cobblestones and concrete. The picture is more often fuzzy than not, the memory card that once held 75 photos now shuts down after 15, and the battery compartment door is broken so you have to strain your fingers pressing it up while taking photos.

10. A real desk. I found one on the internet, a big honking corner desk. Room for all my junk, plus my computer! It would take up about half my house, though, so I guess I´ll never get that.

11. Wall-to-wall books. Heck, while we´re at it, make it a whole library!

12. Grass. While Dorian just adores all the dirt in our filthy construction zone, I´m less of a fan when it gets tracked inside constantly and somehow ends up getting every single thing in our one room full of mud.

13. Residency. Then I wouldn´t have to worry about whether I need to leave the country or fix my passport, etc. Which is so much more of a pain when you have kids!

All the Time Learning

I don´t know about you, but I love to learn. Maybe a little too much.

When I was really little, I used to beg my mom to teach me to read, but she wouldn´t teach me early. She said I had to wait until I was ready. Well, when I started first grade, I was SO impatient to finish the whole alphabet thing and get to the reading part. Finally, she brought out the reading books and I pretty much had it by day two. I just needed the theory, really!

By the end of Grade One, I was reading everything I could get my hands on, including the Chronicles of Narnia series! I haven´t stopped either. All up through high school, I read upwards of 60 books a month, mostly how to´s and technical ones with a few novels thrown in for good measure. I still absorb information that way, but mostly through the internet now that I live in Guatemala.

The result? I have an awful lot of knowledge stored in this head of mine and I doubt I´ll ever use half of it. For instance, do you think I will ever need to build a yurt? I don´t think so. Raise goats or chickens? Perhaps, but not until we find a bigger piece of land to live on!

I was thinking about this because for this 30 Day Challenge that I´m doing, I am looking for niches. So I started looking at different ideas for niches and found myself getting interested in a whole variety of things and starting to read about them. Which I absolutely do not have time for.

Then I got to thinking about how Dorian is always wanting to know why things work and why we react the way we do to stuff like pain and surprises and kisses. And I really hope that he wants to cram his head full of information that he might never use, too. Because people who love to learn usually love to put at least some of their knowledge to use. And if nothing else, they make for very interesting folks to talk to!

Do you love to learn?

A Lousy Monday

Irving had a total of one day of quitting his job. This morning, at 5:30 am, his sister called and started telling him a whole bunch of lies excuses about how she can´t do the job anymore. So he had to head back.

I´m so irritated right now because I think she could have at least told him yesterday, so he would have been able to either find someone else, or at least get used to the idea. By that I mean not let me plan a wonderful schedule where I would actually accomplish something because Irving would be looking after the boys.

Don´t you just hate it when all your plans up and scurry away? I had great ones for today, too. I was going to write 5 articles for Constant Content, plus get ahead on my At Home Mom blog and catch up on my other two sad, neglected blogs.

Oh, and to top all this off, Dorian had a tantrum that lasted an HOUR over a bottle of water, because he wanted milk, and it´s pouring rain and the clothes that I washed are getting rained on and the lady who washes our clothes has had 90% of our wardrobe, plus all our towels for going on 4 days now. And I have PMS. Today is officially a Lousy Monday.

13 Milestones NOT in the Baby Book

I read an article in a parenting magazine a while back about non-traditional milestones. The woman put in something like ?Son crawls down bars of crib like Spiderman?. I was just thinking about this because Dorian has been doing a lot of new stuff lately and thought I´d do my TT on it. As you can see it is rather late, I´ve been battling amoebas for a couple of days and don´t feel too well. But better late than never!

13 Milestones NOT in the Baby Book

1. Realizes that by faking an injury, he can get attention. (Dorian throws himself ever-so-gently to the floor and bursts into tears).

2. Repeats Mommy´s angry words. (we won´t go there)

3. Sinks very sharp teeth into mother/father/sibling´s flesh.

4. Eats a piece of bread found in the garbage. (this has happened more than once, unfortunately).

5. Figures out how to use the remote control to change channels when he is bored with whatever his parents are watching. And does so repeatedly.

6. Scribbles on the wall for the first (and most definitely not the last) time.

7. Sticks foreign object in nose/ear.

8. Sticks foreign object in nose/ear of sibling.

9. Discovers that shoes mean going outside. (Dorian´s first words in the morning: ?Car. Shoes!?)

10. Eats dirt for the first time. (rapidly followed by sand, grass and a rock. Gotta try it all, you know!)

11. First taste of soda, which causes a coughing fit, red eyes and a breathless ?MORE!?. (no, we do not allow Dorian to drink soda on a regular basis. He gets a very small amount on special occasions.)

12. Asks to go to bed. (Yes, Dorian actually asks to go to bed . . . not often, but there are times.)

13. Finds gas and other bodily functions hilarious.

10 Things I Hate

Oooh, I have been tagged again, how cool is that? This time Jessie has sent a fun one my way (revenge for tagging her last time!)

Here are ten things that I absolutely detest.

Food: Weird meat like heart, tongue, feet, etc. I am not a big meat fan in general and that stuff just makes me want to hurl.

Fruit: Mango. I think it tastes like turpentine and don´t even get me started on that horrid texture!

Veggies: Broccoli grosses me out. Not because of the taste, but because when I was little, my mom grew her own and no matter how she tried, there were always caterpillars in the broccoli. Cooked and dead, but caterpillars nonetheless. I ALWAYS got at least one and that was it for me, no more food for the entire day!

Celebrities/People: Shannon Sassamon. She was a DJ filling in for a friend when she was ?discovered? for pity sakes. And she got to kiss Heath Ledger. Why don´t things like this ever happen to ME?

Event/Situation/Incident: I hate being on the chicken bus when it is packed and the ayudante comes through to collect the fares. You are already pressed like sardines and this kid comes squeezing in between everyone! Awful!

TV shows/Movies: Scent of a Woman. My husband MUST watch this every single time they show it on tv, even if that means three times in one week. I HATE that movie. It is so irritating.

Salsa: Irving loves this kind of music and I find it very annoying. So he plays it louder. Blech.

Household Chores: Um, all of them. I´m not a good housewife. But if I had to choose one, it would be washing dishes. That is the most disgusting job ever. I actually prefer cleaning toilets to washing dishes.

Things you hate around the world: Greed. Everyone wants more and more and more and they are willing to kill entire countries for it.

Things you hate about yourself: Where do I begin? I guess the thing I hate most is my temper. I´m a china flinging kinda gal when I get angry. But I´ve toned it down drastically since having kids.

My impatience runs a close second!

My impatience runs a close second!

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