A Brand Spanking New Year

Just a few more hours before 2007 officially retires and 2008 takes over. This is definitely when people take stock of their lives more than any other time of year and resolve to be better and change their ways. I like the whole New Year thing because really, it gives you a clean slate. You are starting out and have 12 whole months to do stuff in!

The past year was actually a pretty good one. I met most of my goals set on the eve of 2007, including my monetary goals. My writing business went from zip to not so bad. We built a main room, got a fridge and a stove and basically moved out of the Middle Ages! And, of course, I had a baby, which is a pretty life-altering event on its own. All in all, it´s been a pretty good year. I can look back and say that I´m pleased with what I have accomplished, but this coming year, there are many more things to be done.

Lately, I´ve been reading Zen Habits and one of the things Leo talks about a lot is making habits. He says to select a habit each month to start. I really love that idea and have actually already begun. My first habit was to clean, sweep and mop the main room every night before bed, no matter how tired I am. And I´ve done it for over 2 weeks. My other goal, started just 2 days ago is to get up every morning at 6 am, even if I just want to roll over and go back to sleep.

Some habits I´d like to develop this year:

Do something creative, (painting, sewing, woodworking etc.) every day
Do something for myself every day (sit outside with tea, read a book, etc.)
Drink 8 glasses of water a day
Take the boys to the park twice a week
Make my own bread
Fold and put away laundry as soon as it gets back from the washer lady
While I like the whole habit thing, there are still some major goals to achieve this year, too. I´ll put them here and check back frequently throughout the year.

Build a bathroom
Get passports for the boys
Write at least one ebook
Make a documentary/movie and submit it to a film festival
Build my blogs/websites up to the point that I´m earning at least 1/2 my monthly goal from them.
Start a savings account and get an emergency fund set up.
Plant my garden
Build a perimeter wall
So, what are YOU going to do with your bright new sparkly year?

A Glimpse Into the Life of Growing Boys

Here are a few things that have been heard/seen around my house in the past two days.

Dorian (upon seeing some dishes that I knocked off the pila onto the ground): ?Oh, no!?

Me: ?Yeah, they fell.?

Dorian. ?Mama. Se cayo porque tiraste.? (They fell because you pushed them.)

Irving: Snoring very, very loudly

Dante: ?whaaaaakkkk, wakkkkk?, imitating his father´s snores from his position in the crib.

Dorian: ?Pollo, quiero pollo. (chicken, I want chicken) Mamana , quiero mamana. (Banana, I want banana) Cracker, quiero cracker.? Contrary to popular belief, we actually do feed our kids.

Dorian knocked something over at his abuelos´ house as well, the other day. His abuela said ?Dorian, what are you doing??

Dorian: ?Yo no, yo no. Zanelle (his cousin).?

In addition to all these fascinating little conversations, Dorian has exploded into boydom. Suddenly he MUST climb on absolutely everything and tears and blood are both flowing freely around here. For example,

Yesterday, he jumped on me and headbutted me . . . with his nose, resulting in his first nosebleed.

The day before, he was rolling around on the couch with his bottle, fell off and and split his lip on said bottle.

That same day, he fell off his trike twice, attempting a daring descent down the path that leads to our front door. He did finally make it and was very proud of himself, despite a scraped knee and elbows.

Yesterday, my little daredevil wriggled backwards down a steepish incline (for him) on his tummy . . . over large rocks, bits of concrete block and dirt. He had so much fun, he did it again several times and the end result was something of a chimney sweep look. I was too sick and tired (yeah, sick again, this time with a cold) to take a photo. But trust me, it was a mess!

Is this normal? Are all little boys like this? I´ve really never dealt with small boys and I have to say this is exhausting! (not to mention messy!) But I´m enjoying every minute of it . . . well, maybe not the bleeding lips and noses, but the rest of it, for sure.

And Again the Bed

ur bed has just popped a spring! On Irving´s side, which is a bit odd, since he´s barely been here for the past month, but anyway. We went to the place we bought it and they told us they would take the mattress back to the factory to be repaired . . . again. Having already been through this fiasco, we aren´t expecting to have the bed back until at least Jan.

I told Irving to tell them we want the bed replaced, but they refused. I have made a point of not getting involved in this because I am well known for getting a little overheated in discussions like this. So, Irving is handling it . . . something that is not going too well!

So, today the guys from the store came and took the mattress to get it repaired. They said it will be back on Dec. 27th. Which means Christmas on the floor . . . unless we buy a new mattress. This really irks me since we have not even finished paying for the bed (and won´t until it is really fixed) and now need to get a second mattress. The upside is that we can then have two mattresses and when my sisters come to visit, we will just toss one on the floor for them. Also, we can now alternate sending mattresses to the factory, if it comes to that!

This afternoon was spent searching for a decent mattress. There are really cheap ones that are pretty soft . . . but then, our first bed was super cheap, less than $100 for the whole thing, new, and it lasted just fine for four and a half years! This new one was nearly triple the price and only lasted a few months.

Anyway, we did find a really nice, firm mattress that has a 3 year guarantee. It is a bit of cash, but I´m thinking it´s worth it . . . We don´t get much sleep as it is, with two early bird kids and anything we do get needs to be high quality!

On top of the bed thing, my internet is messed up. The box for the wireless internet connection is constantly going out. It´s lost the connection about four times just while I´ve been writing this. Several calls to the company turned up everything from ?you play your music too loud, it´s interfering with the internet signal? to ?your computer must have a virus or something.? Finally, a tech person who actually seemed to know something asked if we´d had the box updated for the whole Windows Vista business. We said no and were then informed that we are supposed to bring it in every 3 months . . . ooops! Apparently, they service the boxes every three months and keep them running.

At first, it looked like a trip to the capital, but since then, we´ve discovered that there is a place closer to us. Irving is taking the box tonight. I really hope it works, I´m feeling totally cut off from the world here! All my writing work on blogs is done in 2 minute intervals, which is a little frustrating. This will all make me appreciate a good connection all the more, though!

So, hopefully by tomorrow, I´ll have proper internet connection and a new mattress. Which will provide some nice blog fodder. Maybe there will be new photos of my stove, too.

13 Odd Things in Our Toybox

So, I was just picking up all the toys last night and I realized that there are some very odd things in that toybox! So, I thought I would share.

1. Socks. Three or four mismatched ones, some are Dorian´s, some are Dante´s.

2. Bottle nipple. These appear all over the house, so it´s really not THAT weird.

3. Phone cord. When we were trying to fix the internet, we tried a bunch of different cords. Dorian must have made off with this one.

4. CDs. Dorian has been obsessed with playing with CDs since he was an infant. We just give him all the wrecked ones now.

5. Comb. Dorian likes to pretend to comb his hair.

6. An empty medicine bottle. Not sure why that is in there!

7. Q-tips. ???

8. A baby shoe. Must go with the socks.

9. Ketchup packets. Dorian is a big fan of ketchup and it´s actually a neater way to feed it to him by just opening a corner of the packet.

10. A broken car. This is odd because I swear I have thrown that same car out at least twice. I don´t know how on earth it keeps reappearing in the toybox!

11. Glue. From a craft project we did.

12. Glitter. From our little glitter episode.

13. Toothbrush. It´s Dorian´s. He likes to brush his teeth, but his toothbrush ends up in the strangest places.

4:00 AM is Morning, Right?

That´s what Dorian figures. I have no idea why, but for the past three or four days, the little guy has been attempting to get up at this hour. It´s driving me nuts.

I know there are super productive people out there who get up at this awful hour to get stuff done and that is what I´m attempting to do this morning. Irving came in at 3 am, Dante decided to wake up and practice singing at that hour, he fell asleep just as his big brother decided it was time to start the day. So here I am, at the computer, weary from not sleeping yesterday and trying to be productive.

Why would a 2 year old possibly think that 4 am is morning? It´s pitch black out. He has no clock, and can´t tell time anyway, so it´s not like ?hey, it´s after midnight, I can get up now? and he´s still tired, so I´m not sure what the issue is. But boy do we have a tantrum on our hands when I tell him it´s still sleeping time! Which Irving somehow slept right through. I´m sure the neighbors think I´m abusing my kids, hearing the bloodcurdling screams in the wee hours of the morning.

The worst part is that Dorian often doesn´t sleep after this, he just lays there complaining and hitting the wall until around 5:30 or 6 when I let him get up. And by 7 or 8, he´s ready for a nap . . . . which is way too early and then messes up the rest of the day! The stages these kids go through. They baffle me.