13 Things That Make My Heart Sing

I haven´t been able to do Wordless Wednesday because I´m still on my brother-in-law´s computer and it has very limited space for downloading photos, so I´m going to try and get back into Thursday Thirteen. To bring the mood up a bit, I´m going with 13 things that make my heart sing.

1. Waking up this morning to ?Mama, Mama!? (from Dante)

2. Watching Dorian try to lift his bubba off the floor when the little guy has fallen over.

3. Sitting outside under a palm tree, with bananas hanging over my head and the birds singing and the sun shining.

4. Having an hour free to sit and read a magazine or book.

5. Reading comments from you.

6. Getting an email from my grandmother, telling me about life in Canada.

7. Seeing Dante pull himself into a standing position and then promptly fall down because he started to clap for himself. (well, that´s more of a laugh, but really, my heart sings because my little baby is getting so independent!)

8. Hearing Dorian say ?I love you, Mama.? in perfect English.

9. Drinking coffee and relaxing on the couch while the boys play quietly on the floor, a rare occurance

10. Seeing all the dishes washed and put away, something that only happens when Irving helps me out!

11. Listening to music from the 50´s and 60´s.

12. Writing a really great article or story, one that even I think is good.

13. Knowing that I am done with my blog assignments for the day and can just relax.

A Little Late for Christmas, but . . .

I can´t believe my eyes. Last night, it SNOWED. In Guatemala! How bizarre is that? Here is my street, with Volcan Agua topped with snow.

Here are two other volcanos that are on the other side of Antigua . . . the peak on the left is very active, we´ve been seeing ash clouds nearly every day since November.


This is so weird that people are standing out in the street oggling the snow-topped mountains! None of it fell down where we live, which apparently is very disappointing to some folks. I´m glad, though because there is no heat in the houses and it is already cold enough at night!

Irving´s brother and his dad just headed off to the volcano you see right above. Snow is something they´ve only seen in movies, so they are pretty excited about the idea of actually touching some!