13 Things On My Floor

Today I thought I´d share 13 things that are on my floor at this very second:

1. A baby.
2. A frying pan.
3. A box of margarine.
4. A toy truck (Mack, from Cars)
5. a broken Cars backpack.
6. A half-chewed brown crayon (maybe they thought it was chocolate?)
7. Ketchup handprints
8. Dorian´s blanket.
9. A loaf pan.
10. The board book ?Conejo?.
11. The magnetic letter ?V?, the only survivor out of the entire alphabet.
12. Water, which Dorian just tried to pour on his father´s shoes.
13. A red striped ball that keeps Dante very occupied.

5 Things Meme

I still haven´t gotten my Photoshop installed to downsize my photos, so yet another Wordless Wednesday is going by with a lot of words . . . perfect time to do this meme that Jessie tagged me for!

Five things 25-year-old Genesis didn?t see coming

A certain little person named Dante
A successful writing career
Being fluent in Spanish (I thought I´d never get there!)
Actually surviving 5 years of couplehood!
Dorian´s medical issues . . . I was pregnant around that time, but never thought he´d be born with an imperforated anus!

Five things I was doing 10 years ago

Working my way up the ranks of the local Air Cadets
Recovering from a wrecked hip in karate
Working as a nanny
Doing respite care for kids with Down´s Syndrome
Hiding out in my converted garage bedroom and writing all night long

Five things on my to do list for today

Wash dishes . . . ugh!
Finish all my blogs
Plan meals for the next month
Go into Antigua and get a month´s worth of groceries (can it be done?!?)
Wash bottles (Aren´t I so darn exciting?)

Five things I will do when I am a millionaire

Buy a plantation and build a writer´s retreat on it
Buy curriculum for the boys, all 12 years!
Build a bathroom
Get a car!
Fill my house with books.

Five things I will never wear again

Plaid flannel shirts (but pjs are ok)
Wool socks (military, blech!)
High heels
Ruffled dress

Five of my favorite toys

Sewing machine
Water guns

Five banes of my existence

Fleas (Dante has them in his bed and I CANNOT get rid of the suckers)
Toys that break in five seconds
French fries (It´s a love/hate thing, I love the taste, hate the extra pounds!)
Writing clients who don´t pay
Dry, cracked skin and lips Both mine and Dorian´s.

Ok, I have to tag someone new with this . . . YOU. If you´re interested, take up the challenge!

Are We Supposed to Be at the Whys Already?

Yesterday, no matter what anyone did, be it Dante throwing something on the floor or me yawning, Dorian asked, ?¿Porque?? (why) He would ask ?Why yawn? Why is this on the floor? Why? But Why??

I was pretty sure I had another year before this stage kicked in! Isn´t two for being a brat and 3 is when you start questioning the world´s existence? And how on earth do you explain the laws of gravity to a two year old who asks why his juice falls when he tips the glass over? :S So far he seems fairly satisfied with my answers . . . but I seriously doubt he understands all of what I´m saying . . . but then, I thought the whys started at 3, so what do I know!

Aloha Friday 4

Ok, I´ve been really distracted recently and haven´t done any memes or really even any regular posting. But now I have my main blog, At Home Mom, back and I´m starting to unwind a little from the stress of the past couple of weeks. So, time to get back into memes!

Aloha Friday was started at An Island Life and just consists of a quick question that readers can then answer in the comment. My question for today:

If you could eat just one food for the next 3 months, what would it be?

I would have to go with popcorn. I am a popcorn addict.