13 Weird Facts About Me

It´s Thursday and I´ve been really awful about doing Thursday Thirteens lately, but I think today is a good day to do one. So 13 weird facts about me.

1. I like fruit, but absolutely detest papaya and mango. The texture of both fruits is just so slimy and disgusting!

2. I really enjoy reading young adult books. I do read adult novels, but I just like the ones meant for teens, they´re often very well written and more interesting.

3. My sense of smell is WAY overdeveloped. Irving says I´m like a hound. It means odors that no one else smells drive me insane and when I was pregnant, I would get sick all the time just from smells.

4. I´m not a baby person. I love my kids, but didn´t really bond with them until they started acting like human beings, around 5-6 months. If we ever adopt, I´d like to skip that stage and get an older baby.

5. My middle finger is bent to the outside on both hands. It´s genetic, my mom and sisters have it, too. And, when my boys were born, it´s one of the first things I checked . . . they both have bent fingers, too!

6. When I was little, my Barbies were settlers who lived outside in lean-tos and had gruel for breakfast. No fancy gowns and high heels for my dolls!

7. I used to have hair down to my knees. It drove me nuts, because I was always sitting or kneeling on it and in a fit of rebellion, I shaved my head. It was GREAT! But everyone thought I was either sick or gay.

8. Cooking is one of my favorite things to do, but only if I have the ingredients to make nice stuff. Just tossing together pasta or scrambled eggs bores me.

9. In Canada, I studied to be a paramedic, but got hired as a Level 3 First Aid Attendant on a remote construction site where I had to take a power boat to work. There were 40 guys . . . and me! Since I didn´t have a lot of injuries to deal with, I spent my time learning about construction and finding rare items for the house on the internet. I also took over payroll and organized the boat trips, and compiled a manual for the property.

10. I´m an oatmeal lover. Everyone else seems to hate it, but for me, there´s nothing like a good, hot bowl of oatmeal in the morning with a little milk and some molasseses drizzled over it.

11. I´ve had a lot of businesses, some successful, some not so much. I even started my own store in Antigua before Dorian was born, where I sold my paintings, crocheted bags and baby clothes, jewellry and baby clothes, all made by myself or my best friend at the time.

12. I´m still scared of the dark.

13. My life to do list is so long, I´ll never be finished, even if I live to 100.

A Terrible Guatemalan Wife

You know what makes a good Guatemalan wife? Allow me to enlighten you . . .

A good Guatemalan wife:

  • Washes all clothes by hand, in boiling water, if necessary, until they are sparkling clean.
  • Makes perfect rice with vegetables where each grain is separated and perfectly firm.
  • Doesn´t have big ambitions, just supports her husband.
  • Is a great housekeeper, mopping the floor every five minutes.
  • Never, ever dreams of letting her children play in dirt or water.
  • Happily turns her kids over to the local school as soon as they turn 3.
  • Is adept at producing a variety of complicated dishes that take an entire day to prepare.
  • Would never sit at the computer for hours on end.

So, do you think I make the cut?

2 AM Rambling

These days, sleep just isn´t something I get much of and believe it or not, the boys aren´t 100% responsible for that!

While they do wake up during the night still, Dorian has been really good and often only gets up once early on and then sleeps through till 5. Dante is up and down still, but Irving has taken over dealing with him so I can sleep . . . so why am I not sleeping?!?

There´s a lot of pressure on moms to do everything well and if you work at home, it´s really hard to separate your work self from your mom and wife self. So I spend a lot of time stressing about not cleaning or folding laundry when I´m working and when I´m folding laundry or doing dishes, I stress about not working. Silly, right?

It means that when I wake up early in the morning, I feel obliged to get up and be productive. This morning, I´m up at 2 am. I went to bed at 11:30. And I´d been up since 4 am! Much as I´d like to carry out the punishing hours I did as a teen . . . I´m not so young anymore and am finding that I need multiple Red Bulls, a few gallons of coffee, or a couple of naps to keep me alive on days like this.

Am I productive? To a point. The early morning hours are usually quiet . . . though this morning Dorian is awake and talking in his room . . . and it´s far easier to focus on work when the kids aren´t clamoring for my attention. But . . . I´m more tired. So I´m not really sure which is the better option at the moment.

Another part of me is straining to be more productive because I turn 28 tomorrow and I´m feeling old (I know, it´s not that old, but it feels like it now) and unproductive. I have things I want to achieve before I turn 30 and they will require a lot of work!

Aba and da Munks

Dorian has been rapidly expanding his vocabulary and he now requests books and movies by name, which really helps speed the process up. Rather than trying to figure out what book he wants by going through them all and holding each one up, he just says ?In the Zoo? (Put Me In the Zoo) or ?Mr. Brown Can Moo? and it´s quite simple to find exactly the book he needs.

But yesterday, he wanted to watch a video and he wasn´t sure which one. I asked him if he wanted to see Cars again. Nope. Woody? Nope. Finally he said, ?Aba. I want Aba.? I had no idea what that was, so I got out the cd case where we keep our DVDs so he could look through and pick the one he wanted.

Well, we definitely need to get a separate case for kid-friendly movies, because he decided first that he wanted to see Rush Hour 3 and then, when I said that was out, he wanted Alien vs. Predator! :S

Dorian finally settled on Enchanted, but it still wasn´t the movie he´d been looking for. This morning, he got up and told me. ?I wanna watch Aba.? Again with the Aba . . .

?What´s Aba?? I asked.

?Aba and da Munks.? He said. And then he pretended to be me understanding . . . ?OHHH! ABA and da MUNKS!? Finally it dawned on me . . . he wanted Alvin and the Chipmunks! Once we had that figured out, he was a very happy little boy and settled down to watch his movie. To tell you the truth, though these moments can be frustrating, it is really cute to see how he interprets words!