13 Reasons I´m a Terrible Mom

There are more than a few people who would think I´m doing an awful job of raising kids. I personally think they are turning out ok, but to keep myself humble . . . here are 13 reasons I´m not a good mom.

  1. I have been known, when asked for crackers or raisins, to say something along the lines of ?Look at all those raisins/crackers right there on the floor. Go eat those.?
  2. I let my boys sleep with a bottle far too long.
  3. Most days, I´d really rather not go into town just because it´s such a hassle to dress two little boys and take them with me.
  4. There are days when I let the kids play with things like flyswatters and plastic bags (while watching them, of course), because it is keeping them quiet and busy.
  5. I switch their clothes around randomly. Whatever pair of pants is on top of the laundry basket, that´s what the boy I´m changing gets to wear.
  6. I have actually saved some very cute outfits for a ?special occasion? that never appeared and the clothes were never even worn because I didn´t want them to get ruined.
  7. I absolutely detested breastfeeding and quit as soon as possible with Dante (Dorian never was able to breastfeed) and now I feel guilty about it.
  8. The words ?deal with it? have come out of my mouth . . . while talking to a one year old!
  9. Dorian knows at least one bad word in English.
  10. Time outs around here are almost always longer than the recommended one or two minutes (depending on age).
  11. Dinner has sometimes been just crackers and milk.
  12. My two year old still eats baby cereal.
  13. I didn´t read to Dante until he was several months old, when Dorian got books right from the start.

And Then The Lights Went Out

Last night we had a killer storm, with some VERY loud lightening. Dorian doesn´t mind lightning and thunder, but they scare the living daylights out of Dante. And then we had a particularly loud clap of thunder and the lights went ?ZzzPOP!? and everything died. The whole upper half of the town was without electricity for the better part of the night!

Since Dorian is deathly afraid of the dark, we decided that instead of letting him stay up all night (the boys were still up at 8:30), we´d put a candle, in a bowl of water, in his room and I would sleep on the extra mattress on the floor. He wasn´t impressed with the idea of going to bed. I told him I would sleep with him and he said, ?Ok, go sleep, Mami. I no sleepy.? When my bed on the floor was finally made up, he got pretty excited about the idea of having a sleepover and eagerly climbed into his bed, instructing me to lie down on mine.

We lay there in the night for a bit, watching the candlelight flicker on the tin roof. Then, when he thought I was asleep, he got up and grabbed a book to read. I rolled over and suggested that he go back to bed and he ran over to show me his book and ask me to read the story. Finally, he got back into bed and I thought he´d gone to sleep about 15 min. later, but when I looked . . . he was just laying there, jiggling his foot.lol. He is SO my son. I was doing the exact same thing in my bed! Neither of us falls asleep fast! So we finally fell asleep about an hour later and the lights came back on at 4:30 am.

This morning, I woke up to a little voice saying, ?eat, eat? and a crusty piece of bread being pushed against my lips. Dante had crawled onto my mattress and was trying to feed me! When I got up, Dorian had gotten the bread down and was eating beans (leftovers from last night) and bread! It would appear that he´d fed his brother, too and they didn´t want me to miss out.

A Blood and Guts Post

Ok, I lied, there are no guts in this post, but there is blood, lots and lots of blood . . . but don´t worry, I didn´t take any photos. Not until after the fact, that is.

It was a quiet evening . . . I was feeding Dante . . . Irving was listening to music on his computer and I heard a bloodcurdling shriek from outside. You know the one, that cry that means your kid is seriously hurt. It´s not an attention scream or an angry scream, it´s a very, very bad sound.

Irving´s youngest brother, Melvin (14) was outside with Dorian and he started calling frantically for Irving. I was out the door far faster, though and saw a rather white Dorian with his mouth wide open like he was crying, but no sound was coming out. Melvin was holding him and had one hand cupped to Dorian´s forehead. I ran over and he just said, ?His head.? And took away his hand.

Seriously, I haven´t seen that much blood since I worked as a first aid attendant on a construction site and a guy fell off a wall and cracked his head open on a concrete block. And this was definitely rivaling that. About .003 seconds after Melvin moved his hand, the blood was all down Dorian´s face, but he was screaming now, which was good. I grabbed him and ran inside to get something to stop the bleeding while Irving was still heading in the opposite direction.

After cleaning up the area, I caught a glimpse of the actual wound. Only for a second, since Dorian apparently has an amazingly efficient cardiovascular system, but I almost had to laugh. All that blood was coming from a tiny (like a little bigger than a pinhead) hole in his forehead! So I got him all cleaned up, sprayed the wound with antiseptic spray that is also a numbing spray and slapped a bright pink bandaid on him. And he stopped crying and asked to watch Cars.

So, you´re probably wondering just what did happen. We don´t know. Dorian fell, but we aren´t sure if he bashed his head on a board or a rock or something else. His uncle didn´t see properly and we were inside of course. It´s kinda tempting to blame Melvin for not watching better, but the truth is . . . we let Dorian play out there all the time on his own, so it would have happened anyway.

Whew. That was my first major(ish) injury as a mom and I am relieved to say that I didn´t panic or freak out and managed to handle the whole thing quite calmly! A skill I´m pretty sure I´ll need in the near future if Dante continues with his daredevil ways!

A Monster in the Kitchen

Yesterday, my counter arrived. A day late, but who cares . . . it´s HERE!! Now, because of the weird configuration of the counter and my stubborn insistence that the sink be at an angle (everyone in my town now thinks I´m a complete freak, first for needing an indoor sink and secondly for wanting it on an angle) to make the best use of my windows, the counter wouldn´t fit through the door.

So, the carpenter had it all figured out. He´d bring it in two pieces, no problem. Well, he got here and the first piece, a long straight bit, went in easily. But when it came to the sink part . . . not so much. In fact, the poor guy had to actually disassemble half the counter in order to get it in the door. Here he is putting it back together. (notice that my computer is in the middle of the room now, to the bottom right.)

Dante was really interested in all the tools. He got right in there, ?helping? the carpenter. I finally had to confine him to his bouncy seat, which was not well received. When he wasn´t allowed to play with the cool tools the carpenter had, he went and found Dorian´s play tools and put a couple of little dents into the new cupboards.

They weren´t able to finish everything yesterday, so the guy will be back today to put handles on, add the back bit of counter behind the sink and to fill in any holes left by screws. Then it gets pushed back into the corner and we just need the builder to come and hook up the water to the sink. I am SO excited about being able to wash dishes INSIDE, especially with all this rain.

Another post is in order today, once it all gets finished and is in place.