It`s Official

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My camera is dead. 100%, non-revivable dead.
On the bright side, this means I get to buy a new one. Preferably one with the ability to take a photo in less than 45 seconds after I press the button! Irving and I did our research and discovered that cameras are, um, expensive down here. [...]

I Know, Let`s Ignore the Problem!

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Some of you suggested that we hire a mother`s help or set up something with the inlaws to help me work with Irving being gone so much. Both great suggestions, but unfortunately, my in-laws aren`t here much anymore, they`re all working or studying. Diana, who used to do occasional childcare for us, has a job [...]

It Sucks Being with a Famous Person

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Irving by himself isn`t famous, but Banda Vega sure is. And that means when we go shopping for diapers, people stop him to ask him about the band and where they`re playing next. His blog is getting a huge number of hits and we can`t walk down the street without two or three people coming [...]

What to Do If You Run Out of Space for Children

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Nature Babies

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I was a nature baby. I was born to hippie parents and lived in a goat shed for the early years of my life . . . two different ones, actually! Sans goats (except during very cold spells in the winter when they had to come inside or freeze!), of course.
From the time I could [...]

Expat Slogans

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Oh my goodness, this is so funny, I had to try it. I saw it over at Gloria`s blog first.

We All Adore an Expat Mom.
Why thank you!

Silly Rabbit, Expat Mom is for Kids.
That`s right! Back off rabbit!

Super Expat Mom is Almost Here.
I wish.

No-One Does Chicken Like Expat Mom.
I can burn it like nobody`s business!

Kids Will [...]

Why I LOVE 3 Year Olds

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3 has always been my favorite age. When my baby sister was 3, it was just so wonderful to watch her fascination with the world. Now Dorian is at this wonderful age!
A few reasons I just adore 3 year olds:
- They explain everything with what they already know, but are open to new concepts. For [...]

Need a Laugh?

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Ok, if you missed the interview earlier today it`s already up so you can listen to my amazingly deep comments.
Head over to Frugal WAHMs Talk Radio and you can just listen right there.
Even though I`m totally poking fun at myself, I`m actually really thrilled that I had this chance to get out there [...]

A Little Something While I`m Working My Life Out

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Don`t want to leave you guys with all gloom and doom, so here`s an article I wrote for Reject the Herd on Eating Like the Locals.

Ack, I Forgot to Mention . . .

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If you have any interest in hearing me make a fool of myself tomorrow morning on live internet radio . . . you`re in luck. I`ll be over at Frugal WAHMs Talk Radio doing an interview. Gulp!
This is yet another part of my “be successful in 2009 or die trying” campaign. I`m going so far [...]

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