1,000 Square Feet is a Mansion

Last night, Irving and I were watching Inkheart and there is this lovely old home in the movie. It`s really a huge house and the main part featured is the library, which, to me, was rather small . . . but Irving commented on how silly it was to have a room for just your books. He said that he didn`t understand why someone would waste all that space with the written word. Gasp.

I was raised on books. My parents have thousands of books. Literally. We used to borrow the limit from the library every 3 weeks (60 books) and I would read them all. As a small child, I BEGGED my parents to teach me to read because I simply HAD to know more. And when I did finally get them to give in, I promptly skipped the baby books and went straight to the Chronicles of Narnia. When I ran out of age appropriate books, I read my father`s collection of how to and back to the land books and my mother`s novels. It resulted in a rather eclectic bunch of knowledge and an intense love of the written word. So I could totally see having a room in my house for books. In fact, my dream home has a two story library with a fireplace and a giant cozy chair.

Anyway, the library wasn`t my point. My point was that this house in the movie was enormous and Irving and I talked about how weird it would be to live in a house where you weren`t practically on top of everyone else. Where you had to walk down a hall to get to other rooms. Or, even more bizarre, climb stairs to get to another level!

Our house is tiny. The main part is just about 55 square meters . . . close to 600 square feet. It`s just the three rooms, one main room that serves as a living room, dining room and kitchen, plus two bedrooms. And soon to be a bathroom. And I`ve gotten so used to living in small spaces (we spent over a year living in just the master bedroom while the rest was being built) that even a normal sized home seems odd to me now! I think it would actually be a bit creepy to have halls and other rooms in the house when I am alone in the house at night.

What do you consider to be a small home? Is your house medium, small or big? Can you imagine living in a different sized place?