7 Years Ago

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7 years ago, I was living in the top half of a duplex that I shared with coworker and his girlfriend (on weekends) and her daughter. He was vegan and since we took turns cooking, I mostly was, too. Our downstairs neighbors had tomato plants and marijuana growing in the backyard and there were three [...]

In Case You Needed Proof of My Insanity

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A conversation I had on IM last night with my sister. (this begins in the middle, btw, we were talking about NORMAL stuff before this)
Genesis says:
I`ve got a problem.
Cherith says:
Genesis says:
Dante just woke up crying. I went in and put him back down and then I saw . . .
Genesis says:
an almost [...]

New Rules in Guate

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Irving took his sister into Antigua yesterday on the motorcycle and was stopped by the police. This isn`t particularly unusual. They don`t necessarily stop you for anything in particular, except to get some cash for their lunch. (seriously, they stop people more often right before mealtimes!)
But this time something was up. They gave Irving a [...]

Food on the Floor and Ants Galore

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We`ve been working on the whole “eat your food at the table” thing and failing miserably. I blame it on the fact that we didn`t have a table up until a few months ago and spent the past 4-5 years eating while sitting on the bed or couch, once we had one. Or it could [...]

Bunny Buns

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Want to make your own cute little bunnies? We don`t really need an excuse, but these are SO easy to make (no rising needed!) that you might as well turn them into something fun! I`ve posted the recipe and tutorial over at Gourmet Mama.

Spending Time With Your Kids This Week

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In Guatemala, Easter is HUGE. Bigger than Christmas, almost. It`s great, families take the entire week (Semana Santa or Holy Week) off to hang out together and enjoy the processions, carpets and great street food.
I`d love to be out there, with my kids, but our plans fell through this year. Irving was going to [...]

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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Grace from Sandier Pastures (in Dubai) just tagged me for a new meme that?s been circulating around and will keep going until it reaches every corner of the world. It`s called Around the World in 80 clicks! What a neat idea!
This meme was started by Catherine of Her Bad Mother and David of It?s Not [...]

The Earth Moved

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Yesterday was a nervewracking one. At 1:29 pm, a 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit just off the coast of Guatemala and boy, did we feel it. The day was full of aftershocks that had me leaping up to get the kids out of the house more than once! I counted six major tremors, but I suspect [...]

Beat the Heat

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It has been really hot here today. The kids got pretty grumpy by noon and were just fighting and sweating and having a lousy time of it. Something had to be done!
So, since Irving wasn`t here . . . I put some cold water in a laundry tub, stripped them down and told them to [...]

Kids Are So Fun

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Last night, Irving headed off to play in a short evening procession and dressed in a black suit with a black shirt and tie. He popped back into the house to say goodbye to us and Dorian took one look and said, “Wow, Papa`s going dancing!” I`m not sure where he got that from, but [...]

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