And So It Begins

Two days ago, my mother-in-law sent over a bunch of Christmas newspaper inserts with deals from stores in the capital. One of the inserts was a full toy catalog from Juegeton in the capital. Full of toys.

My kids have never seen a toy catalog. Nor have they been in a toy store or even a toys section that was more than a few feet long.

They have gone crazy.

I remember when I was little and the Sears Christmas catalog would arrive. We?d pore over it for days, making long lists of all the toys we wanted. It was heaven to imagine having all that stuff! Well, now my boys are making their own lists and since they can?t write yet, they gather around me, with the catalog spread on my lap and both talk (sometimes Zanelle joins them) at once, jabbing grubby fingers at the coveted toys.

The wishlists so far are as follows:

- One GI Joe figure (with rifle, NOT the grenade launcher)
- One large Lightening McQueen car (the kind kids can actually drive as it has a battery . . . can?t see THAT going wrong!)
- Legos (which he might actually get if I can convince Irving that Lego underfoot is a sign of creativity)
- A set of Handy Manny figures
- A pink kitchen/stove set with all the utensils (He got the idea from Zanelle)

- A Lightening McQueen car (same as Dorian)
- A tent
- A ball pit
- A set of Handy Manny figures

Think they?ll be disappointed when they only get a trunk full of dress-up clothes?