A Few of My Favorite Blogs

I?ve been working so much that I have drastically cut down on the blogs I read. However, there are a few that are just so excellent, that I still make time for them. Today I was doing a bit of reading and thought my readers might be interested, as well, so here they are.

Down to Earth: Written by an Australian woman who is focused on living a simple life. I really, really, really love her style of writing. You seriously feel like you?ve just sat down to tea with your grandmother and are getting bits of advice and hearing about her day. She has two grown sons and a German husband and keeps chooks (chickens) and a garden and right now she?s sharing a series on finances that is really worth reading.

Smiles and Trials: One of my absolute favorite blogs about a family with 6 bio kids and 6 adopted, with another adoption in progress. The blog shares their ups and downs and is very real, which I really appreciate. Plus, Christine is such a neat mom and has some great tips for raising kids. They aren?t necessarily presented as tips, she just shares how she does things and you can take it or leave it. 

Whale Ears and Wonderings: This blog is really neat, too. I started following Connie (who is a frequent commentor here AND the sister-in-law of Christine from Smiles and Trials) back when she was living in Egypt. Since then, her family has moved back to the US and now to Jordan. I love her attitude and her parenting style. She?s really reassured me when I?ve had doubts about the way I parent.

Feeling Stitchy: This is a blog that basically just has pictures from around the web of embroidery projects. Most of them are really cute or innovative and since it?s just a photo with a line or two of text, this is the perfect blog for anyone without much time.

Urban Homestead South Africa: Another homesteading blog that is very interesting. In case you?re wondering, I?m drawn to those who are gardening in semi-tropical or tropical areas, which is why I?ve started following people from so many different countries. US gardening blogs are mostly useless for me! This particular blog is chock full of inspiring photos of produce from Wendy?s garden.

Whiskey in My Sippy Cup: I started reading Mr. Lady because of the blog title. I mean, how cool is that name? She has 3 kids and is a funny, entertaining, sometimes completely obtuse, but always interesting woman that I would LOVE to meet someday if I ever get to go to BlogHer. And, she has a very cool perspective on parenting that I absolutely love.

Savory Sweet Life: A cooking blog that always has yummy recipes on it!

Over the Moon with Joy: Kimmie is another frequent commentor here, a mom of one bio daughter and six gorgeous adopted children, with another on her way from Ethiopia. Her blog covers the life of a big family, her walk with God and the occasional recipe or kitchen tip.

The Journey: This one is not updated very frequently, but it is well worth reading. It?s written by Katie, a young mother of 13 . . . in Africa. I think she is only about 22 or so, but she has adopted many children and feeds and schools hundreds more. Her life fascinates me and the blog is wonderful.

11th Heaven?s Homemaking Haven: Written by a Mormon mom of 6 older kids, plus a 3 year old, 2 little twins and a new baby on the way, this blog is full of great recipes, tips and food storage ideas. She puts in stories about her kids from time to time, as well, which I really enjoy.

What are your favorite blogs?

48 Hours

Please keep Haiti in your prayers tonight. They?ve passed the 48 hour mark, which means from here on out, the vast majority of families will only be pulling bodies from the rubble . . . the chances of anyone surviving much longer while buried are very low.

A New Family Favorite

I?ve been cooking a lot the past while, to build up recipes for Gourmet Mama and also to start working on some cookbooks that I?ve had bopping around in my head for a while. Truthfully, there are a lot of things going on in my head and I rarely focus enough to actually do anything with them, so I decided to start in on making some of my ideas come to life.

Cooking is relaxing for me and lately I?ve been enjoying discovering old fashioned recipes. There are a lot of great recipes from back when it was common to just use three or four ingredients to turn out an entire meal, something we could all stand to learn these days! One of the older recipes that I found (I say older, because I actually remember eating this as a child at church picnics) was for flummery, or Jello whip. Turns out it?s super easy, uses just two ingredients, if you don?t count water, and it?s very, very delicious. Not to mention, fairly healthy, since it contains mostly milk.

The boys, as it turns out, LOVE flummery. And they now ask for ?flammery? pretty much every day. So, I thought I?d share it with my readers. You can find the recipe here.