An Awesome Homeschool Resource

We have a few books for school that people have either given us or I?ve found at garage sales and school sales around here, but I get most of our curriculum off the internet. There are literally hundreds of sites that offer free or low cost printables, but most of them offer pretty cruddy images.

The other day, while on my neverending quest for interesting stuff to work on with the boys, I came across Carl?s Corner, a site that has an astounding amount of stuff on it, all for free. And, all extremely high quality.

Carl?s Corner is run by Cherry Carl, a retired teacher who obviously pours her passion into this website. Whether you homeschool or not, there are some really beautiful games and worksheets for kids on the site and I encourage you to check it out.

A Sharing Heart

Around here, pan dulce, or sweet bread, is a very big deal. The boys LOVE the stuff and would probably subsist entirely on it if they were allowed. It?s often to the point that they fight over it.

This morning, Dorian woke up long before Dante. He carefully left the bedroom door ajar because he knows his brother gets scared if he wakes up alone. Then he came in and checked on us, saw we were sleeping and went to watch a movie. Since the control was out of his reach, he had to wake me up to get it for him and asked if he could have something to eat. So, I gave him one of the two remaining sweet breads.

A while later, I went out again to get something to drink and noticed that Dorian was eating pan frances, the regular bread. When I turned to head back to my office, this is what I saw on Dante?s armchair.

Even though no one was around to tell him to share, Dorian went into the bread bag, discovered that there was only one sweet bread left and he decided to save it for his brother and left it on Dante?s chair for him!

Then he got out regular bread to eat instead . . . even though I know for a fact he doesn?t like it nearly as much. I have to say that I was pretty impressed! So was Dante when he got up and saw he had a treat waiting for him!