Ah, Life in a Small Town in Central America

They say that no one moves here without running away from something. Maybe they?re right on some accounts. This morning on the news, we saw a familiar face . . . someone most expats know fairly well around here, being arrested on charges by the FBI. (that link doesn?t have a picture, but they showed video on the news)

In a town as small as Antigua, there are always rumors, of course, but to see something like this on the local news . . . well, it?s a bit shocking to find out that some things are actually real. Not to mention a bit scary! You never know WHO is out there.

Updated: Here?s a link with a photo.

Updated Again: To clarify, yes, the man arrested, Jeffrey Lynn Cassman is known in these parts as ?Don Marco? or Mark Francis. His wife and 10 kids are apparently stuck at the moment without funds.