Weekend Ramblings

Ok, it?s not technically the weekend yet, but I feel like it?s already Saturday for some reason. Maybe because Irving went to his first band practice today with the new band and I?m home alone with the kids. I did try to write a normal post, but I?ve been sick for five days, haven?t slept more than a few hours a night in that time and, well, I?m kinda brain dead right now. So, lucky readers, you get more random babbling from yours truly!

- Dorian has giardia. Again. Poor guy was not feeling great yesterday, but he started vomiting a bit last night. He?s feeling better today, but still not up to snuff. Irving and I did some research on giardia to see what we can do to make sure he doesn?t get it again . . . and it?s enough to make you want to sterilize the house and set up UV lights at every entrance! Soap and water and bleach don?t kill the cysts. MICE carry this nasty disease and no matter how much I put out traps and poisons, I can?t keep the mice away from our house, so I know there is potential exposure there. Dogs can carry it. Water, of course . . . but even worse, raw produce that has been watered with contaminated water. And while I always wash our fresh produce in bleach water, now I learn that bleach won?t kill giardia except in cases where it is very concentrated and with prolonged exposure. ACK! I need a garden of my own. Preferably one that ants, dogs, construction workers and children won?t destroy.

- Dante has been going through 20-40 pieces of paper a day with his prolific drawings. When I have more energy, I?ll take photos of some of them. His artistic nature is really showing these days and he?s advancing a lot! My favorites are his compilations of bits of fabric, paper and tape or glue to create creatures. We have about fifty Batman renditions around the house right now. The whole time I?ve been sick, he?s been defying quarantine and coming in to sit on my bed while I work. Every night, my room is a blizzard of paper snippets and Lego!

- We were supposed to start school on Monday, but I?m not sure we?re going to make it. I haven?t done much in the way of prep over the past week, just getting my work done was more than I could handle some days.

- I?m one of the lucky pregnant ladies to get Braxton Hicks that actually hurt. So. Not. Impressed. On the plus side, I?m hoping it means that Dominic will show up at least on time if not a teensy bit early. I would be thrilled to have a baby show up less than 2-3 weeks after his due date!

- Squidoo paid out early this month, the payment was for sales made in November and it was my highest EVER payout. I was so excited, the kids thought the baby was coming. But no, not til I use a part of my awesome paycheck to buy a crib, anyway!

- In totally bizarre news, the other night, on my many, many journeys out to the bathroom, I saw a strange migration . . . millipedes heading south to the neighbor?s house. Not just one or two, at least half a dozen at a time! I?ve never seen more than one in one place. And they were joined in the wee hours of the morning by several slugs. I really wonder what was going on . .. where were they going and why?

- I traded my sunken, spring riddled bed in for my SIL?s old bed . . . only to find that it is a toddler-size bed! I fit exactly from head to toe. And the foam mattress we have doesn?t fit, so it folds up at the end. It was too hard for me to sleep on, so we bought another chunk of 4? foam and cut it to size to go under my mattress. It?s now livable, but once things stabilize in the income department, I am so getting a real bed.

- On my wishlist, apart from the bed thing is a rocking chair. I am SO determined to have one for this baby, especially if he?s not going to be our last. Darn it, I want a way to rock my babies to sleep comfortably! I saw a lovely recliner that rocks the other day (I guess it was a glider, not a rocker, but whatever) and fell in love and it was only Q600 . . . then I realized that was monthly payments. Whoops. And nevermind. I think MegaPaca should have a furniture section.

And there you have it. Friday/weekend ramblings. And now, I have to go try to make enough sense to finish up a writing assignment.

Kids Say the Darndest Things: Episode 33

Irving took Dante to Antigua for the morning so I could work. Upon their return:

Me: ?Did you have fun with Papa??

Dante: ?No. That was a really LONG day!?


I came out of the bathroom after a shower with a towel turban.

Dante: ?You?re the same as Gramma.?

Me: ?Well, I do look like her.?

Dante: ?No, the towel. That?s what Gramma does when she washes her face.?

Me: ?Oh, yes, you?re right.?

Dante: ?You know? You saw her, too??


Dante: ?I have a lot of bug bites.

Me: ?Yeah, when did you get those? In bed??

Dante: ?Yeah, I was sleeping and a butterfly came and started to bite me all the way down and all the way up and he bit my boob. That really wasn?t nice of the butterfly to bite me.?


Dorian: ?How are you feeling today, Mama??

Me: ?Lousy.?

Dorian: ?Oh. I should ask Papa to make my milk then??


Dante: ?I really love my Batman cape. Thanks for buying it.?

Me: ?Actually I made it.?

Dante: ?YOU MADE IT?! Like in shopping??

Me: ?No, on my sewing machine.?

Dante: ?That?s amazing!?

Dorian: put his hand on my belly and got a kick. ?The baby?s trying to hit me already and he?s not even out yet!?

Dorian: ?I know how to make a pacha. You put the milk in it and then you fill it with water and put the lid on and shake it a lot. And then you have a pacha. So if you and Papa want to sleep in the morning, I can feed Dominic for you.?

Irving: ?Are you still upset that we?re having a boy, Dorian??

Dorian: ?I did ask for a girl. I really wanted a girl.?

Irving: ?How many babies do you want??

Dorian: ?Three. This one is a boy and then you should give me two sisters.?