Back to Real Life

It has been 3 weeks since Dominic joined our family. It has gone by quickly and Dominic is growing rapidly. I had planned to return to work a week after the birth, but with all the complications, I ended up taking another two weeks off. My rest is over, though and tomorrow I start back to work. I can?t say I?m very excited about it! I?ve been exceedingly lazy for nearly a month and after the frenzy of 12-16 hour days that I worked before the baby, I think I was a little burned out . . . and I?m not sure I?m over that yet.

Still, bills must be paid! So on Monday, I fire up the computer and get back to editing and writing for the company I?m working for. I plan to try and limit my hours, but we all know how well THAT works! The fact that a baby requires me to feed him every couple of hours will force me to take breaks, though I?m worried that the stress will cause even more milk supply issues than we?ve already had with diuretics and meds.

It?s also getting close to Semana Santa, so Irving is working weekends and will be gone for all of Semana Santa doing processions. My sister is here at the moment, but will be leaving midweek this week, so it will just be me and three kids! She?s very good at keeping the older boys occupied, so it will be interesting to handle it all on my own!

Ah, real life. Welcome back. Even though it felt like time was temporarily paused while we got used to our newest member, I can see it picking up again. Time to go shopping and stop eating frozen burritos and churrascos from the local taberna. Time to get back into school (yes, after all my plans, we ended up taking a break while I was recovering and my sister was here). Time to figure out how to work and raise 3 children at the same time! :)

In other news, my ankles are almost normal when I wake up in the mornings, but still swollen by the end of the day, so I?m still on diuretics. My blood pressure has gone down quite a bit, it?s nearly normal now, thank goodness.

Kids Say the Darndest Things: Episode 37

DorianPlaying Lego with Dante. ?You can?t kill me . . . I know people who know people!?


Dante:  describing his hand falling asleep ?My hand is popping! Like ?zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?.?


Dorianlooking at his Aunt Sarah?s industrial piercing ?That hurts me.?


Dante: ?That wasn?t necessary, Mama.?

Me: ?What??

Dante: ?Auntie Sarah got me wet with water and that wasn?t necessary.?


Dorian: ?Papa is almost black. What if he can?t get home again??

Me: ?He?s more brown than black, but why wouldn?t he be able to get home??

Dorian: ?You know, like you showed me in the video, where people couldn?t ride the bus. What if they don?t let Papa ride the bus??

Me: ?You mean Rosa Parks??

Dorian: ?Yeah, her and Martin Luther King (Jr.) and they couldn?t go on the bus because it was for white people and my papa isn?t white.? This was a YouTube presentation we saw a couple months back and while he obviously got somewhat mixed up in what he?d seen, but the concept was there!

Me: ?Well, that?s why those people and lots of others fought for their rights. Now anyone can ride on the bus, no matter what color they are.?

Dorian: ?So Papa can come home??

Me: ?Yes.?

Dante: ?We also have a car, Dorian, so he doesn?t have to go on the bus.?


Dorian: ?I really love that Dominic. I love it when he opens his eyes.?

Auntie Sarah: ?It?s more fun, isn?t it? Just wait til he can talk and say ?Play with me, Dorian.??

Dorian: ?I would totally play with him.?

Two Weeks

It?s been just over two weeks since Dominic was born. In that time, we?ve gotten used to having three children instead of two and we?ve fallen into a routine. My sister, Sarah, came down on March 1st and is here for a couple of weeks to help out. Unfortunately, she brought a cold with her, so we?re all getting sick

Dominic is a snugglebug. He loves to be held and likes to look around. When he?s awake, he?s very alert and pays lots of attention to his big brothers showing him books and toys . . . until he gets hungry and then it?s all screaming! He sleeps for 3-4 hours at a time, which is better than either of his brothers ever managed at this age, so it?s helped a lot with the sleep deprivation.

I?m healing faster, though there have been complications. I ended up with an infection, which we treated, but the spray for the incision ended up irritating my skin and causing a very bad reaction that we are treating now. Also, my feet were still swollen two weeks after the birth. Massively swollen. It turned out that I have post-partum pre-eclampsia, so my blood pressure was very high and I had major water retention. The doctor put me on diuretics and I lost 10 lbs over two days, which was a good indication of how much excess water is in my body. I?ll be on the diuretics for another few weeks and hopefully won?t need blood pressure meds, since this seems to be helping bring down my bp.

But at least I get to look at this cute little face peering up at me every day!