Kids Say the Darndest Things: Episode 49

Dorian: watching a fistfight in a movie “I don’t get why people do that all the time!”
Me: “Do what?”
Dorian: “Fight without swords or something!”
Me: “Are you kicking your mama?”
Dominic: “Si!”
Dorian: “I know what you’re thinking.”
Me: “You do?”
Dorian: “Yup. You’re wondering how much longer til bedtime.”
Dorian: holding the camera “Dominic, show us your true nature.”
Dorian: “This box says 28, so there are 28 bags of popcorn inside?”
Me: “Well, there were. We’ve used 4. I’ll show you how to subtract 4 from 28. You see how there are two numbers here, we put the 4 . . .”
Dorian: “It’s 24, Mama.”
Me: “You guys need to start taking a bit more responsibility around here.”
Dorian: “I already washed one dish!”
Dante: “How do they make avocados?”
Me: “They grow on trees.”
Dante: “How do they make apples?”
Me: “They grow on trees.”
Dante: “How do they make pasta . . . wait, it grows on trees, right?”
Dante: “How do they make bread?”
Me: “Well, they mix flour and yeast and sugar and . . .”
Dante: “And everything?”
Me: “That was a sad movie. Did that make you sad, Dorian?”
Dorian: rubbing his eyes furiously.”NO! It wasn’t sad! It was a stupid movie! I mean, I liked it, but it wasn’t sad. . . . I’m NOT SAD!”
Dante: “Hey, look! It’s garbage trash!” (as opposed to recycling trash)
Dante: “Why do you have all these stripes on your tummy, Mama?”
Me: “They’re stretch marks, from my skin stretching out when you guys were in there.”
Dante: “Oh. Are you going to have another baby?”
Me: “I think I’m done having babies.”
Dorian: “What?! No . . . I wanted four!”

Dominic’s New Trick

Last night, Dominic wouldn’t sleep. So he sat on Irving’s lap (he’s very much a Papa’s boy lately) and chatted with me. It was very cute, he was quite animated as he babbled. Then he got sleepy. He’d rub his eyes, hold up his hands and wiggle his fingers like a magician trying to conjure a rabbit out of a hat.

Then he turned it on me. “Kiss?” he’d say and hold out his hand, palm down, scrunching his two fingers and thumb at me like he was trying to grab in an almost pincher grasp. “Kiss?” I finally went to him and he kissed me soundly on the cheek. I went back to my chair.

He held out his hand and did the grabby thing with two fingers again. I gave him my hand and he kissed it. This went on for many, many kisses! He would gesture at my hand a few times, kiss it over and over, then gesture at my face and kiss me on the cheek. Talk about heart melting.

Then, he decided he was finally ready for sleep. With a big yawn, he motioned me over, held up his hands to be picked up and did his grabby finger thing at the bedroom door. Then he said, “seepies, oh si.” I put him down and he went to sleep very quickly. I have no idea where this kid came from, he’s obviously an alien being . . . not only does he realize he needs to sleep, he’s TELLING me he wants sleepies! I think I like this.

Finally, a Book

So, I finally published a book. Only took me a million years. It’s the first in a series of books that will be released through Gourmet Mama, so watch for more titles coming! At the moment, this one is only available on Kindle (if you don’t have a Kindle, you can grab the program for FREE on Amazon), but once all the books are published, they’ll be made available in print, too.

Picky Eaters


7 Months

Time is just flying by. I’m not sure why it feels like Dominic is growing SO fast, but maybe it’s because with Dorian we were always waiting for him to get to a certain age and a certain weight so he could have his next surgery and then with Dante, well, my brain went out the window with two under 2, so who knows what happened there! Anyway. My point is that time with Dominic is flying past!

Today this little munchkin is 7 months and he is:

  • Adding new words to his vocabulary, including, “NO!” (uh oh), “Bubba” (brother) and “itsy” (bottle).
  • Trying to stand up. He can pull up to a standing position and if you are holding his hands, he will try to let go to stand on his own, which he can’t do yet.
  • Getting up on all fours and rocking. Not sure why this is coming AFTER the pulling up.
  • Climbing. He isn’t crawling on flat surfaces, but put him in front of a pile of pillows and blankets, courtesy of his brothers, and he will climb right up and over them!
  • Trying to get out of his crib. Yikes.
  • Wanting to go out for a walk or in the car every day. He gets super excited when we strap him into his car seat!
  • Trying to break four new teeth in at the top.
  • Obsessed with food. He’ll eat his own and then be horrified if anyone dares to eat something that he didn’t get on his own plate.
  • Obsessed with cars. Following in his big brothers’ footsteps, Dominic grabs any car he can get his hands on and drives them around the floor and over other toys and people.
  • Sings. His favorite song is Buffalo Soldier by Bob Marley and he sings “AY Yi Yi!” at the top of his lungs in the tub. He also sings to himself in the crib when he wakes up in the wee hours of the morning.
  • Not sleeping. His naps are 10-15 minutes, twice a day and he wakes up constantly at night. His parents are sleep deprived.

There She Blows!

Around noon today, emails started trickling in and messages appeared on my Facebook account, all titled, “Are you okay?” At the first one, I was confused, but when I opened it, the person said that they’d seen the news and that there was an erupting volcano near us, were we alright? I shot back a note saying that we were and went to look it up. Sure enough, Volcan Fuego is blowing its top.

Guatemalan volcano

Photo by Canal Antigua

I posted on my Facebook that we were ok, but I’ve seen several more messages and all my friends in this area are getting bombarded with worried notes, too. We are NOT in the path of the ash at this point, since it is blowing toward the coast and the Mexican border.

Volcan Fuego in Guatemala

Image Source

Anyway, it’s apparently pretty impressive! I haven’t left the house to walk to the corner to see the eruption, but Irving said it was pretty calm when he went down at 3 pm. We did have a small quake at around 11 pm last night, which was probably the first big boom, but those are so common around here that we didn’t think much of it. Now we wait and hope those who are being evacuated on the other side are ok.

What I’m Learning from Re-posting My Blog

As I go through old posts on my reader and the Way Back Machine, I’m finding myself grinning at a lot of the old posts I wrote. And cringing at others. There’s a lot of my life when I had a barely-toddler and a newborn that I’d forgotten!

A few things I’m noticing . . .

1. I did a ton of memes! I think I was pretty lonely back then, since I didn’t have any friends in Guatemala, or that many online, for that matter. Memes let me connect with others and they meant I had some interaction on my blog in the form of comments.

2. My kids were really cute. Truthfully, that whole first year of having two kids is a blur in my mind. I don’t remember much of it at all. Now that Dominic is here and the other boys are older, I’m really enjoying the baby stage so much more than I did with the older boys. With Dorian, his babyhood was marred by the constant doctor’s visits and medical issues and surgeries and those are the things that stand out in memory. With Dante, I was so completely overwhelmed by dealing with two small children and working at the same time that it was just crazy. Reading back over what I wrote back then helps me remember the smaller details that get lost in the shuffle of parenting.

3. More than half my posts revolve around food. Particularly in the first couple of years of this blog. I was gaining weight back then, but I wasn’t nearly the size I am now. We were still struggling with the idea of doing a special diet for Dorian since we’d only just figured out that he couldn’t eat whatever he wanted and I was reaching out to other IA parents and trying to learn more about how to feed him properly. So, lots of food posts!

Yesterday, when I realized that my backup was useless and that the support guy had deleted my database on the server (I only erased WordPress, NOT my database, so it should have all been there still), I was really, really upset. I had a few moments of thinking that maybe I should just give up this whole blogging thing. That lasted about 1.3 minutes. Then I got up, started looking at my options and went to work posting my old writing. And then I started feeling kind of excited.

Expat Mom has been pretty much the same for several years, same header (which was awesome, but still), same color scheme . . . now I’m thinking about how to redesign the blog, since everything to do with the theme was lost and I don’t even remember what theme I was using. It doesn’t matter. It was high time for an update and now I can go ahead and redo this blog and make it even better!

But first, the posts. I am working to get everything back up and it looks like I have most of it still in assorted places, so I’m confident that most of it will be recovered. It’s going to be a lot of work, but it’s actually rather interesting to read back over everything. Some of the password posts may not be available, but I think my readers have a lot of those in their feed readers.

As Norm commented on a previous post, it’s a good idea to print this blog out. I’ll be doing that. I’ve also seen some places online that will turn your blog into a book, so it might be worth a couple of those to keep around.

Thanks for your patience as I redo everything around here. Hopefully it will be better than ever.

Excuse Me While I Beat Myself Over the Head

You may notice that Expat Mom is different. You may have noticed that Expat Mom simply did not exist over the weekend. In fact, if you look now, you’ll probably notice that there are NO posts on this blog. Why? Because I’m an idiot.

Those of you following me from the beginning will know that I have deleted this blog before by accident. Well, did it again. The backups failed miserably and I ended up with nada. And so what you see here is the new beginning.

I will try to cobble together bits of the old blog from the Way Back Machine, blog feeds and such, but it’s going to take time and quite frankly, I’m feeling very unmotivated at this point. Please bear with me as I rebuild from the ashes.

Dominic and Dorian?s Loose Tooth

Dominic has quickly learned to wrestle with his brothers. He may be small, but he?s feisty! And he has killer nails that he knows how to use. So, the other day, I had him sitting on a blanket on the floor and, as is usual, his brothers quickly gravitated toward the blanket. It?s not uncommon to find all three in a big boyish pile whenever I have Dominic on the floor, so this was nothing new.

After a few minutes of rolling around and screaming and laughing, Dante got bored and headed outside. Dorian and Dominic continued to play while I hung up laundry.

Suddenly, Dorian leapt up, yelling, ?DOMINIC!? and ran out the door. He started spitting blood into the dirt. ?He made me bleed!?

I figured this was just another scratch from those lethal baby fingernails that stay sharp no matter how often I cut them, so I went to look and calm Dorian down. There was a bit of blood on his lip and I told him not to worry. While he kept spitting blood, I turned away and saw Dominic on his belly, trying to scoot toward some white lint on the blanket, his mouth open, obviously determined to eat it. As I went to brush the lint away, I realized that it wasn?t lint at all, but a tooth!

Turns out, Dominic knocked or pulled Dorian?s loose tooth out. Dorian is NOT impressed. Dominic figured it was all fun and games and hopefully tasty, too. Ah, brothers.