Let’s Move!

We’ve been wanting to get out of our place for a while now. I’m sick and tired of living with in-laws and the dog incident was the last straw. Unfortunately, it makes no sense to rent a place when we can live rent free, so it’s been a bit of a challenge to figure things out. We decided to save for a house/piece of land.

Yesterday, we went to look at a gated community in another town where Irving’s bandmate lives. There are only a couple of lots left, but the bandmate’s brother wanted to show us a half built house that was for sale. So we decided it couldn’t hurt to look and it would be motivation to save.

As soon as we arrived, the boys piled out of the car and looked at the house (which was only walls) and asked, “Is this where we’re going to live?” I told them we were just looking.

The house is at the end of a street and backs onto a huge green area, with a playground and pool just a short distance away. The boys were thrilled and asked if they could run around. Given permission, they took off running across the grass and Dominic crawled around after them. We looked at the house and the plans and discussed pricing and assorted other grown up stuff (seriously, it makes me feel like I’m finally grown to be looking at a place like this).

Dorian looked around and said, “So, do they sell the upstairs, too? Because I like this place and we could move in tomorrow. But it might be nice to have the upstairs.” Keep in mind that there was nothing but dirt for floors and no roof on this place! I guess the pool and playground made up for the fact that the place wasn’t actually livable!

The house and lot are out of our price range, but it’s good to know that the kids will have no problems with moving when the time comes!

Kids Say the Darndest Things: Episode 56

The boys were watching extreme sports on YouTube.
Dante: “WOW! That’s so cool!”
Dorian: “I can’t do that. What if the water came over while I was surfing and pushed me into the water? Then I would drown, because I can’t swim.”
Me: “Well, obviously, learning to swim is the first step in learning to surf.”
Dorian: “Skateboarding is really dangerous, too. On the road like that? What if a car came? It would squish me flat.”
Dorian: “And this skiing? Jumping off a cliff? That’s not very safe.”
Dante: “He has a parachute.”
Dorian: “Sometimes parachutes don’t open.”
I can tell that I don’t have to worry about Dorian getting into extreme sports. Dante, on the other hand . . .
Dorian: “Dominic, I’m going to give you some cake. Now, you take little bites, you hear me, LITTLE bites.”
Dominic shoves half the cake in his mouth.
Dorian: “Dominic! I said little bites! Not big bites! Don’t you ever listen?”
Dorian was giving me attitude one day.
Me: “Dude, if this is a preview of your teen years, you might not survive.”
Dorian: “YOU might not survive!”
Me: “Hello, gorgeous!”
Dominic: “Si.”
Me: “Yes, you’re gorgeous?”
Dominic: “yeah, gorg. si.”
Dorian: “I woke up because there were no more dreams.”
Me: “So, when your dreams run out, you wake up?”
Dorian: “Yup, that’s how it works.”

My Little Vegetarian

Dante has been vegetarian for a few months now. He started to think more about animals and the fact that he was eating them and decided that he wasn’t going to anymore. I thought this might be a partial thing, since it started with red meat, which, admittedly, is kind of gross. But when he started turning down his favorite, chicken, I knew it was serious.

Truthfully, I don’t mind having a vegetarian child (apart from the fact that he also dislikes vegetables). I was vegetarian for many years and even lived a vegan lifestyle for a couple of years while living with a vegan housemate (I did eat non-vegan things, but since we shared the cooking, it was easiest to go vegan most of the time). As a child, I found the idea of eating meat to be repulsive. So it’s fairly easy for me to make the transition in feeding Dante.

Irving is having a tougher time with it. “Are you SURE you don’t want some chicken? What about a sausage? Ham? How can you not like meat?!” He doesn’t understand what caused the change. But then, he’s a big meat eater and would have it for every meal if he could. Despite his confusion, he’s been great about letting Dante make these decisions.

Of course, since he’s not eating meat, we require Dante to eat balanced vegetarian meals. He helps plan his food, working with what I’m making for the rest of us. Often I do meat free meals anyway and when I don’t, I will usually do the meat dish completely separate, cooking it with onions and tomatoes and then making a salad and rice for the sides. Dante will have those, along with bean burritos for protein.

So far, so good. I can actually get him to eat more vegetables by reminding him that he has to get enough protein in his diet. “You need to build muscles, right?” And he will happily scarf down his Shrek shakes and bean salad to make sure he has muscles for building things.

11 Months

These months are simply flying by! Dominic is 11 months old today . . . one more month until he has a birthday and I’m still coming to grips with the fact that my baby isn’t a baby anymore.

At 11 months, Dominic is:

- Able to walk a few steps, but prefers to crawl.

- Climbing everything in sight. He put a spare crib railing against my bed the other day, climbed it like a ladder and grabbed my phone off my headboard shelf.

- Escaping every chance he gets. He loves to go outside and dig in the dirt or bang pieces of wood together.

- Examining food before eating it, instead of blindly shoving everything into his mouth. If you  try to feed him something, he will pull back and look at it before he opens his mouth. The first signs of being picky, I guess. :)

- Getting a little bit of attitude. He will yell back at his brothers and even me.

- Responding to countdowns. If I tell him no, he’ll keep his hand where it is, but if I start to count, “ONE! TWO!” He will jerk his hand away and go find something else to do.

- Trying to get places before we do. If he sees the door open and knows we’re going to close it, he will scurry over to try and get out first.

- Obeying simple commands like “Bring it here.” “Give it to me.” and “Go get your book.” He will also shut the door if you ask him to . . . most of the time.

- Pulling plugs out of fans. He is very offended by the existence of fans in our house, maybe because I turn one on when he goes to sleep and he figures they shouldn’t be on any other time. He will rush into the room if he hears one running and find a way to turn it off, either with the switch or pulling the plug.

Recent vocabulary:

“Read it!” “Book.”

“Where’s da baby?” (for playing peekaboo) “I see you!”

“Venite.” (come in Spanish)

“Mevin.” (Melvin) “Ana” (Zanelle)

“Up.” “Open.”



Kids Say the Darndest Things: Episode 55

Dante: “Fine, you don’t want to fetch anything?”
Me: “Dominic is a baby, not a dog.”
Me: “You can have a little piece of my cake.”
Dorian: “I don’t want a little piece, I want 100%!”
The other day, Dominic was crying and wailing in his sleep, obviously having a nightmare and in the middle of it, he yelled very angrily, “DADAY!” (Dante) So, we have been teasing Dante that he’s the cause of the baby’s bad dreams.

Dominic: “Waaaah!”
Dorian: “Dominic is dreaming that Dante took his toys again.”
Dante: “He is not! I’m not doing that in his dream. I think he’s dreaming about monsters. Or maybe a dog that bites him.”
Me: “Ok, Dorian, for math today, you’re going to be writing down all the prices of the food that we buy in the market.”
Dorian: “What?!”
Irving: “We’re going to give you money and you have to go buy the food for the week.”
Me: “Uh, no.”
Dorian: “OK! I’m going to buy toys!”
Irving: “Then you’re going to be really hungry all week!”
After adding up everything we purchased in the market . . .
Dorian: “Oh my gosh! That’s a lot of money. It’s really expensive to feed us, huh?”
Dante: “The baby is outside again!”
Me: “Can you bring him back in, please? And shut the door.”
Dante: “Ok. But he’s building something. I think he’s building a house out here.”

Kids Say the Darndest Things: Episode 54

Dorian: “Two more sleeps til Christmas!”
Me: “I’m not ready!”
Dorian: “Well, I guess if you need more time we can make it four sleeps.”
Dante: “Look at this! I took off all the tape, therefore, I can see the stripes on the tape ring.”
Me: “My brain is GONE today.”
Dorian: “Wait, you don’t have a brain? Shouldn’t you be dead?”
Dante: “I don’t like other babies. I like this one. He has a new face. It’s new, but it’s cute and I really love him.”
Dorian: “Could you please draw a zombie and then cut it out for me? I tried to cut and cut and cut people out and I just cut them all to pieces.”
Dorian: “I hate school.”
Me: “Let’s not say hate about anything to do with school, ok?”
Dorian: “I really dislike school.”
Me: “Ok. We’re going to be making volcanoes today.”
Dorian: “Well, I LOVE this kind of school!”
Me: “Dorian, can you please put your seatbelt on?”
Dorian: “I can’t. You do it.”
Me: “I think you can if you try.”
A minute later, Dorian: “Oh my goodness! I did it! I had no idea I could do this. It must be because I’m older now. I just had to wait until I was seven.”

Escape Artist

Yesterday, Irving came running in to where I was working and asked if Dominic was with me. He wasn’t. In fact, he wasn’t anywhere in the house. No worries, we found him . . .

escaped baby signs

around the corner of the bathroom, digging in the dirt. Silly kid!