Kids Say the Darndest Things: Episode 61

Dante: “Mama, Dorian just threw a bear at me and I fell and almost fell on Dominic!”
Dorian: “Well, bears are dangerous.”
Dorian: “Mama, can Dominic eat this cookie?”
Dominic: “YES!”
I was so impressed when Dante asked me to write “living” and “nonliving” on a picture he’d drawn to look like a computer screen from Time4Learning. Then I realized all the options were people.
Me: “These are all living.”
Dante: “Really? Are you sure? This one is a zombie. Is a zombie living or nonliving?”
Dominic: “Bah bah bah?”
Dorian: “Sorry, kid, I don’t speak baby.”
Dominic nearly fell off the step and caught himself just in time.
Dorian: “Be careful, Dominic! That scared my legs!”
Dorian: “AAAHHHH! Now I’m going to be sick! Dante just coughed on me!”
Me: “You’re already sick. If you have a sore throat and a headache, you’ve already been invaded.”
Dorian: “DANTE!”
Dorian: patting my stomach “I see you’re going to have another baby.”
In the market . . .
Dominic: “THAT!”
Irving: “What? What do you want?”
Dominic: “BALL!”
Irving: “Oh, balls, which one? Red, blue . . . ”
Dominic: “POOH! Pooh ball!”
Sure enough, there was a ball with Winnie the Pooh on it.
Dorian: “My pee smells like vegetables!”
Me: “That’s because you ate asparagus, it makes pee smell weird.”
Dorian: “Well, that’s just disgusting. Pee and vegetables do NOT go together.”
Dante: “I’m not eating these vegetables.”
Me: “They’ll help you stay healthy and build your muscles.”
Dante: “Well, I already ate vegetables when I was four so I’m already healthy.”
Watching Ghost Rider peel out of jail on his bike . . .
Dorian: “Well. He’s eager to catch some bad guys!”
Dorian rubbed baby powder all over his arms and stomach.
Dorian: “There, now I’m a white boy.”
A little later, he washed it off.
Me: “So, how was it being white?”
Dorian: “I didn’t like it. I prefer to just be brown.”

Catching Up

The move went well. I don’t have much in my office, though it’s two rooms, but the point is that it’s quiet and no one interrupts me! I’m enjoying working there and though I only go for a couple of hours at a time, the boys are always insanely excited when I get home and run to hug me. It’s pretty nice! I’m finding it way easier to keep my temper with them, too, since I know I can have a break at some point. So far, I’m not going every day, but the times I do go, I am very productive.

Dominic has had all kinds of issues lately, reflux and an inflamed stomach valve, new molars AND eyeteeth (he’s seriously getting 8 teeth at once!). But through it all, he’s learning new things. He added two new words to his vocabulary yesterday, “ball” and “door.”

This morning, he woke me up and said, “out door!” and pointed toward the living room where his brothers were playing. Later, I told him to give a toy to his brother and he walked over and said, “Here you go.” He’s also been saying, “Right back!” when he goes to get something out of the room.

On the physical front, Dominic has learned to run. Unfortunately, he has no brakes. He just hasn’t quite figured out how to stop once he gets going! As a result, he takes off and runs until he hits something or trips over something. Yesterday he ran straight into my table and knocked himself down. I thought he might think he’s still little enough to fit under it, but then every time he ran, he tripped over something to stop, so I think it’s just a matter of needing to figure out how to stop. He only started running yesterday, so I suppose it takes time.

The online classes have been working very well for the boys. They seem better able to concentrate on the lessons, so we use those for the basics and then we do more work together off the computer. So far, so good!

Moving Out

Tomorrow I’m moving out of our house. Just my computer and desk though. ;) I’ve rented a small two room space just up the street from us and will be working there most weekdays.

It’s HARD to concentrate on anything with three kids around and that is particularly true in the tiny space that we have. There is no room for anyone to go anywhere, so the noise is constant and the requests nonstop. We finally decided to bite the bullet and have me work outside the home.

I have to admit, it’s a bit scary, even though I’m only a minute away. I also won’t be gone all day. The plan is to do breakfast, then homeschool until 10. I’ll go to work for a couple of hours, come home for lunch and hanging out for a bit, then head back to the office at 1 and work for another couple of hours. Overall, I think my productivity will be drastically increased, which means I can actually be with the boys when I’m here in the house.

While it’s a big move, I think it will be better for everyone in the long run and considerably less stressful.

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Baby Shower Goodies

Two of my sisters-in-law are pregnant and one is almost ready to pop, so she had a surprise baby shower on Sunday. Since she’s having a girl, it was a fun opportunity to make pink, girly stuff!

When Dominic was born, she loved the little top-knot hats that I made for him, so I made three for her daughter.

top knot hats for babies

I looked on Pinterest for ideas involving diapers, since I wanted to give her some, but didn’t want to just give her a bag of diapers. There were some adorable ideas, including a diaper trike and diaper cakes, etc. However, since my patience is running at 0 these days, I decided to do diaper cupcakes instead of risking a huge amount of newborn size disposables flying all over the place if the curve didn’t hold.

Then I made some little hair clips, grabbed some socks, headbands and ready made clips and some baby washcloths to finish the whole thing off.

The cupcakes were tucked into cupcake papers and set in a cake box that I covered with girly wrapping paper and then I sprinkled them with heart sequins as a finishing touch.

diaper cupcakes

It was so nice to craft again! It didn’t take long to do these at all and I love how they turned out! Best of all, the mother-to-be was thrilled, too.

Why Does 33 Feel So Old?

Yesterday evening, Irving headed out the door saying, “I have to go do . . . something.” I responded that that was kind of vague and he said, “Uh, yeah.” A few minutes later, I realized it might have to do with my birthday today! Sure enough, he came back with a cake. :)

My gift was Irving getting up all night with Dominic who is not sleeping that well. He actually isn’t up THAT much, 2-3 times a night, but since I have issues getting back to sleep, it means I get maybe 3-5 hours a night. I went to bed at 7:30 last night, anticipating being up again a few times. But every time Domi fussed, I opened my eyes and Irving was leaning over the crib so I just went back to sleep! It was awesome. Best night’s sleep I’ve had in months.

This morning, the boys sang Happy Birthday to me once Dante got over the disappointment that it wasn’t HIS birthday and then we left all three kids with my sister-in-law and went to Chimaltenango to get supplies for a baby shower gift for my other sister-in-law who is ready to pop with a baby girl. I get to make GIRLY stuff. :) All the fun with none of the hair fussing.

After looking online at a ton of ideas (yay, Pinterest!), I decided that I probably wouldn’t do well with an adorable diaper trike and someone else is likely to do a diaper cake, so I decided to go ahead with diaper cupcakes. I think they’ll be really cute and they are easy enough to make that I won’t get too frustrated.

We spent five hours away from home and I was worried that Dominic would be terribly upset over losing BOTH parents. But when we got home, he was watching Hotel Transylvania with his brothers and yelling at the TV. He grinned at me and then went back to watching. He didn’t even care that I was home! So that was a relief.

Later, Irving took the baby and his mom into town since she won a slow cooker at the supermarket and had to pick it up. The boys are currently playing with water and dirt (of course, since they just had baths) and I’m just surfing the net and writing a few articles. All in all, a nice relaxing afternoon. I fully intend to watch a movie tonight once the boys are in bed, with some popcorn and birthday cake. Ahhhh.

Kids Say the Darndest Things: Episode 60

Dorian: “You’re a whoopie cushion!”
Dante: “No, you’re a whoopie cushion!”
Me: “A whoopie cushion is an inanimate object, so no one can be one.”
Dante: “I did not know that.”
Dante: “And THIS is why I don’t like babies!”
Me: “What did he do?”
Dante: “He BIT me!”
Dorian: “Hey, I just saw the Eiffel Tower!” (referring to a radio tower on the way to Chimaltenango)
Dorian: “OWWWWWWW! My foot! My foot!”
Me: “What happened?”
Dorian: “I hit my foot on the chair! I’ll never walk again!”
Me: “It hurts, but you’ll be fine.”
Dorian: “No, I can’t walk! You don’t understand, I’ll never be able to walk again!”
Dante: “Dorian, the zombies are coming!”
Dorian: jumps up and runs off to fight zombies.
I was putting the boys to bed with Dominic in my arms.
Me: “Say goodnight to your brothers, Dominic.”
Dominic: “Night night, no bedbuh bites.”
Me: “Dominic, why is your teddy bear in the bathtub with you?”
Dominic: “Having bath.” Duh.
Me: “Drink up your smoothies.”
Dorian: “Sure, I love smoothies!” (he doesn’t) “I’ll just drink this up nice and fast and . . . OH MY GOODNESS! Did you put peanuts in here? I taste peanuts. This really tastes like peanuts.”
Me: “Yes, I put in some peanut butter. It’s good for you.”
Dorian: “I cannot believe you put that in my smoothie. I just wanted a plain strawberry smoothie and now there are peanuts in it.”
Me: “Drink it anyway. Pretend it’s medicine.
Dorian: “I’ll drink it, but remember tomorrow that peanuts don’t belong in smoothies.”
Dorian gave Dominic a plastic piece for a building set.
Dominic: very enthusiastically “OH WOW! Always WANTED!” (We frequently joke when he gives us lint or a muddy rock, “Oh, wow, just what I’ve always wanted!”)
We recently started online classes in certain subjects.
Dorian: “We get to use the computer for school? This is awesome!”
Dante: “I bet this means it’s going to be hard. Right, Mama? Is it hard or easy?”
I was lying down for a nap when suddenly the door burst open and Dominic stood there, grinning at me.
Dominic: “What do doing?
Me: “I’m just having a little rest.”
Dominic: “Ohhhhhh. ME!” Runs toward bed and clambers up to sit on me.
Irving and I were enjoying some tea. Dominic came toddling out onto the patio.
Dominic: “Papa? Mama? Water?”
Me: “It’s tea.”
Dominic: “Me? Me tea?”
Dorian: “Dante! Am I a genius or WHAT? I figured out the door!”

Happy Birthday, Rachel

Today is my little sister’s birthday. She would have been 23 today, something that boggles my mind! For someone I never actually met face to face, she’s made a big impact in my life. She was stillborn two days before my birthday and I clearly remember my dad telling us her name, Rachel Bronwyn and feeling so sad that I would never be able to call her that, because it was such a beautiful name.

In the years since Rachel died, I’ve thought about her often. I was 10 when she was born and I’d been so excited about having a baby in the family, since my youngest sister at the time was 5 and just annoying. ;) And I remember praying desperately that it was all a big mistake and that the doctors would suddenly realize that, oh, she was alive after all and we could bring her home. I hoped and prayed for that right up until we put her tiny coffin in the ground and said our final goodbyes.

Rachel, you’re very much loved and remembered still and I’m pretty sure you’ve got your little nephews and niece up there with you. I hope they help you celebrate this birthday and make it a great one!

He Walks

Dominic has been taking a few steps here and there for weeks now, but a couple of days ago, he decided to just go for it. He refused to crawl anymore and simply kept staggering around, falling down, getting back up and laughing and staggering on. Within 48 hours, he went from a 2-3 stepper and crawler to a long distance walker.

This is where the concrete comes in awfully handy. My little guy never would have made it on the uneven dirt we used to have, but now he hurriedly stomps up and down the concrete entry, busily carrying toys and dirt and rocks back and forth to create his imaginary worlds, without falling very often at all. And he is HAPPY. The first day he really got it, he wouldn’t sleep. He kept wanting to get up and practice running across the kitchen (yes, he’s already going for running because he is my child and we Davies never bother to think that maybe we should start slowly).

It is SO cute to see him walking. I love it. And if I can get my camera working, I might even get a video of it. Because guess who managed to climb up high enough to grab said camera and throw it to the floor? Yup, the little walker. I can sometimes take photos, but videos are very iffy. It likes to throw up the Fireworks symbol if I try to video anything. Which was really, really bad timing.

And on that note, I had better go earn some money so I can buy a new camera and make sure I keep it far, far out of reach.