Curtains: Before and After

We have had our main room for about 6 years now. In all that time, we have used a blanket or a sheet, held up with popsicle sticks wedged into the cracks, as a curtain when needed for our main window. I’m not sure why it took so long to do something about it, but it was just not a big priority.

A couple of weeks ago, we went to the MegaPaca and I found the perfect beige sheet to use for curtains. I got it and brought it home and didn’t do anything for a while. Irving put up the curtain rod at long last and we hung a sheet there for the time being.

Not exactly the best living room curtain, though the boys loved it!

Finally, yesterday, in an effort to procrastinate from writing, I sat down and measured and cut and sewed. The sheet was big enough to fold over and create a double thick curtain. While there are some little mistakes in the curtains, they turned out really well and make our living room feel like a real home. I can’t believe we didn’t do this sooner!

Also, there will be no more hassles with the blanket falling down and having to jam the sticks back in. A definite improvement. Next project? Washing those dirty windows!

Kids Say the Darndest Things: Episode 74

Me: Kissing Dominic while getting him ready for bed.
Dominic: “OH, come ON!”
Discussing nuclear bombs and radiation the other day.
Dorian: “So, you’re telling me if a nuclear bomb dropped on Chimaltenango, we could still die here in San Juan? That’s nasty.”
Dorian: “Ohhhhh, coffee. Gotta get me some caffeine!”
Dante: “Oh, are we going out? I have to fix my hair and make it pokey first.”
Me: “Dominic, are you stinky?”
Dominic: “Si.”
Me: “Why didn’t you go in the potty?”
Dominic: “Oh, yeah!” Gets up and runs into the bathroom.
Me: “It’s too late now, get back here so I can change you!”
Dominic: “NOOOOOOOO! Potty!”
I served lentils the other day.
Dorian: “What are these?”
Me: “These are the beans that hate kids.”
Dorian: “You mean beans that kids hate?”
Me: “No, they hate kids. They’re freaking out right now because you’re looking at them. They say, ‘EW! That’s so disgusting, I’m not letting that eat me!’”
A few days later, I served lentils in soup. Dante dipped one out.
Dante: “Is this thing screaming at me?”
I woke up one morning to Dominic crawling around under the bed with a flashlight.
Dominic: softly “Auxilio! Auxilio!” (help, help!)
Me: “Quiet in here, boys, it’s late!”
Dante: softly singing “I shot the sheriff . . . but I did not shoot the deputy.”
Me: “I have a headache.”
Dominic: “What’s that?”
Me: “Owies in my head.”
Dominic: “Ohhh.” Reaches over and gently pats me.
Dante: “When I’m 30, do I still have to do school?”
Me: “Only if you want to. You do 12 years of school and then you get to pick what you want to do.If you want to become a doctor or a lawyer or something, you can go to university, but you’ll probably be done by 30.”
Dante: “I want to build houses when I’m 30.”
Dorian: “When I’M 30, I want to be a gamer!”
Dorian: “When are you leaving and how long will you be gone?”
Me: “In a few minutes. We’ll be gone for an hour and a half or so.”
Dorian: “Okay . . . it’s 7:31 now, so . . . 8:59?”
Me: “Dominic! Why did you turn the computer on? Leave it alone.”
Dominic: “Computer ‘hmmmmmm.’ Computer’s happy on!”
Dante was drawing on the floor.
Dante: “This is madness! MADNESS!”
Dominic was talking to an imaginary friend on the phone tonight.
“Que paso, hombre?” (what’s up, man) . . . .
“En donde?” (where?) . . . .
“No, no puedo. Tengo sleepies, vos.” (No, I can’t, I have to go to bed, man.)
Dorian: “I have good news and bad news. First, the good news. I found the violent game that I wanted and it only costs $4. The bad news is that I have to tell you because you have to pay for it.”
Dante: running past me “I’m not doing ANYTHING!”

Happy 2nd Birthday, Dominic!

Dominic turns two today. I cannot believe that time has gone by so very fast. There’s no more baby in this house! Our crib is gone and the baby toys have been passed on to infant cousins. The signs of babyhood are gone and little boy stuff is replacing it. It’s bittersweet.

It’s hard to believe that this:

Turned into a little guy who runs around like crazy, is partially potty trained, talks a blue streak and climbs on assorted things to reach the markers at the top of the fridge. He’s a busy, busy little man and he thinks he’s just as grown up as his brothers! He says things like “Oh, come ON!” if you kiss him and he scolds his brothers as if he were their older brother. He’s a lot of fun!

Dominic is currently obsessed with Bubble Guppies, so I made him a Bubble Guppy cake with the boy guppies on it, Goby and Nonny and Gil at the top.

I used the icing transfer technique to make the guppies, though it kind of failed me with poor Goby’s eyes! Still, Dominic was thrilled. He also got a set of wooden blocks that Irving made him, a Winnie the Pooh fishing set and I made him a Mr. Grouper pillow.

This is part of a set that isn’t finished yet. The other part is a reversible blanket with Bubble Guppies on it. Here’s Nonny so far.

While we did have some issues with a grumpy birthday boy who needed a short nap, it’s been a pretty good birthday. Apart from the fact that, you know, my baby is a kid now. Sniff.

Kids Say the Darndest Things: Episode 73

Dorian: “We can’t use the computer today, huh?”
Me: “No, you have four days left on your ban.”
Dominic: “Can I use the computer?”
Irving was at the store and his phone in the kitchen started to ring. Dominic ran inside.
Dominic: “Hello?” pause “Papa’s with mi abuelo.”
Dante: “Mama! Domi hurt his cute cheeks!”
Me: “I’m going to make popcorn for supper.”
Dominic: “OH! Popcown! I love popcown.”
Me: “Do you love your mama, too?”
Dominic: “No, I love popcown.”
Dante: “Mama, how does our body make us puke? I mean, what is puke and how does it come out and why?”
Dante: “No! Domi, hands are for playing, not for hitting.”
Dominic came in with one of his cars, the top completely destroyed.
Dominic: “Mama! It’s broken!”
Me: “Um, I can’t fix that, sweetie. That car is too broken for me.”
Dominic: “It’s broken, you fix it.”
Dorian: “I know what to do.” Takes the car and kisses it. “All better.”
Dominic: “Tanks!” runs off to play.
Dante: “You’ve been feeding us so many carrots that now I get up at night and I don’t even need light to go to the bathroom. I can see in the pitch black now.”

Cooking Kids

This year, we’re having the boys help me with cooking more often. While they have always helped me in the kitchen a little, this year they are taking on more responsibility, helping with planning, as well as cooking.

Dorian had his first day on Monday. He decided to make broccoli, sausages with bacon and beans with bread. He set to work chopping veggies and was soon cooking away on the stove. The meal turned out beautifully and everyone cleaned their plates, even Dante, my pickiest eater.

The next day was Dante’s turn. He decided on Guatemalan tacos, but disappeared when it was time to prep them. They turned out insanely delicious though, so it was a good idea.

Fast forward to the evening. I was feeling pretty rough, with a fever and aching joints. Dorian saw that I was feeling under the weather. “I’ll help you with dinner, Mama.” He quickly got out the broccoli (his favorite veggie, as you can see) and started chopping it while I peeled potatoes. When he was done with that, he cut up the sausages. Dante came over, jealous that his brother was cooking again, so he was put to work doing the actual cooking of the cabbage (pre-chopped from lunch) and sausages. He did a great job and with two more sets of hands, I was able to get to bed much faster, knowing that everyone was fed and happy.

I hate that they are growing up so fast . . . but I gotta say that I do enjoy being able to hand off a few responsibilities from time to time!