3 is Such a Great Age

Dante is getting awfully close to being 3 . . . his birthday is May 16. I love this age. He?s finally outgrowing the need to destroy everything simply because it exists and he?s really taking an interest in the way things are done. He picked one of my baby tomatoes the other day and I explained to him that it wasn?t ready and we need to wait til they turn red. ?Ok.? he said, and rushed off to play.

I figured it was only a matter of time before he?d strip the plants of the remaining little tomatoes . . . but he hasn?t touched them! I love being pleasantly surprised.

Lately, he?s been telling us when he is tired and needs a nap. And he goes off to bed on his own and has a little nap and then gets up refreshed and ready to go go go til the end of the day. I love it.

While Dante has always been a real character, now he?s really branching out and I am starting to see how very different my boys are. They may only be 16 months apart, but they are nothing alike!

Dante used to want whatever Dorian had. If we let them pick out a toy in the market, Dorian would never fail to choose a car . . . so Dante wanted one, too. Now, he will choose a bag of marbles or a ball over a car or puzzle. When they have popsicles, Dorian wants purple or green and Dante always wants red. When I read to them, Dorian wants long complicated stories like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or a fairy tale . . . Dante wants nursery rhymes and books that he can point out what he knows in the pictures.

Such diverse little people! And now that my baby is so very not a baby, I?m finding myself kinda wishing we?d had more and wondering what other children would have been like!

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