3 Reasons I Need to Get Off the Computer More

Irving got home late last night after having been away for two long days. At the beginning of the weekend, I simply decided that I was not going to stress about work and that I wouldn´t worry about checking my emails or looking to see if someone had commented on my blog every five minutes. It was hard, but I did it.

Oh, I was on for a bit here and there, but mostly during naps and at night. And I learned something. Here are the three reasons that I need to spend more time away from my computer.

1. Dorian and Dante and I went to the park yesterday afternoon. The kids were bored, so we headed out for an ice cream and stopped in the central park. Now, this isn´t a playground, it´s just a fountain and lots of rock and concrete, with a few sparse patches of grass that are fenced in with metal and barbed wire.

On the way there, I discovered that Dorian can A) walk DOWN steps all by himself, without hanging onto anything and B) can climb up onto the park benches, without any help! I didn´t know this. And it makes me a bit sad, because I realized that if I had left the computer more often in this past month, taken the time to go out with the guys, I would have seen the first time he did those things. I feel so guilty. And to make things worse, today, he climbed onto his trike, pushed himself around with his feet and then got off. By himself. Another thing I had no idea he could do.

2. My eyes are getting worse. I´ve always had 20/20 vision, but I´m pretty sure that it is not perfect anymore. I get headaches because I´m staring at a bright screen too long every day.

3. The house is a disaster. Sure, I do clean it, but five minutes later, it´s all messy again. I keep thinking, ?When the kitchen is done, I´ll put in storage space.? But really, if I stopped working for a bit, I could probably sort through everything and get rid of most of it!

It´s so hard to find a balance between work and family and housework. Even with Irving watching Dorian, I realized that the situation is not ideal. I want to be at home so I can see those firsts, watch my babies grow into little boys and then into big boys (sigh) and I´m missing a lot because I´m glued to the computer. While earning money is important, there is a definite need for some balance! It´s just a matter of figuring out what that balance is.

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