35 is Halfway to 70

I turned 35 on the 12th. It was a quiet day. No sister here to bake a cake and all that this year, but the boys were up late making me gifts the night before. In the morning, they presented me with their creations. :) Dorian wrote me a comic book and Dante drew me several pictures. It was very sweet and they both made me laugh with their goofy humor. Dominic regaled me with kisses, since he’d been sent to bed on time the night before.

Irving bought me some wine and smoked Gouda to enjoy while we watched Arrow that evening, so that was nice. Plus, a friend stopped by to wish me Happy Birthday in person.

Overall, it was a pretty good day. The downsides were grumpy kids and tantrums from Dominic, as one might expect as a mother! No breakfast in bed, but that Gouda was delicious!

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