4:00 AM is Morning, Right?

That´s what Dorian figures. I have no idea why, but for the past three or four days, the little guy has been attempting to get up at this hour. It´s driving me nuts.

I know there are super productive people out there who get up at this awful hour to get stuff done and that is what I´m attempting to do this morning. Irving came in at 3 am, Dante decided to wake up and practice singing at that hour, he fell asleep just as his big brother decided it was time to start the day. So here I am, at the computer, weary from not sleeping yesterday and trying to be productive.

Why would a 2 year old possibly think that 4 am is morning? It´s pitch black out. He has no clock, and can´t tell time anyway, so it´s not like ?hey, it´s after midnight, I can get up now? and he´s still tired, so I´m not sure what the issue is. But boy do we have a tantrum on our hands when I tell him it´s still sleeping time! Which Irving somehow slept right through. I´m sure the neighbors think I´m abusing my kids, hearing the bloodcurdling screams in the wee hours of the morning.

The worst part is that Dorian often doesn´t sleep after this, he just lays there complaining and hitting the wall until around 5:30 or 6 when I let him get up. And by 7 or 8, he´s ready for a nap . . . . which is way too early and then messes up the rest of the day! The stages these kids go through. They baffle me.

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