5 Reasons I Love the Rainy Season in Guatemala

A lot of people complain about the rain around here. While I certainly don’t like it coming into the house, now that we have the roof patched up and the concrete and drains outside, it’s pretty darn nice! Here are five reasons I love the rainy season.

1. It’s not all day. When I lived on the West Coast of Canada, the rainy season meant rain all day, every day. Yuck. It was dreary and damp. Not in Guatemala! You get intense sun all morning most days, with clouds coming in just after lunch, then a downpour in the afternoon and often steady rain throughout the night.

2. Kids sleep like rocks. When it is raining at night, the rain on the tin roof makes a lot of racket. While that’s bad for watching TV, it means the boys fall asleep fast and sleep very soundly. So do I, for that matter!

3. It cools down. The mornings are hot enough that the refreshing rain in the afternoon is a blessed relief. It feels SO good when the cool air sweeps through the house.

4. It’s green! Everything turns green during the rainy season. Everything grows like crazy, too. Our path quickly becomes a jungle if we don’t keep it trimmed, but it’s nice to see so much greenness everywhere.

5. It’s clean. The rain washes away the sawdust that has been caught in the cobblestones since Semana Santa. It scrubs sidewalks of dog poop and dirt. It washes down the walls and clears roofs of debris. In short, everything is sparkling after a rainfall!

What’s your favorite part of the rainy season?

4 thoughts on “5 Reasons I Love the Rainy Season in Guatemala

  1. My first hard rain in Guatemala was fantastic, with the metal roof the rain was so loud that I could not hear the person right next to me. It was very peacful and relaxing.

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