57 Random Bits of Information About Me

Christine just did a fun list and encouraged others to do one, too, so here we go. 57 bits of info about me.

1. I was never supposed to be in Guatemala, I was actually going to travel to Egypt and was even learning Arabic!

2. If I hadn?t decided that Egypt was too dangerous (with the war heating up in the Middle East, bombings in that area, and a tourist attack), and hadn?t decided to travel to Brazil by bus AND hadn?t run out of money in Guatemala, I would never have met Irving.

3. When I was a kid, I liked to organize our extensive library of books in alphabetical order, but always got tired halfway through and left stacks of books around the house.

4. I hated making the bed as a kid and still do.

5. I still want to learn Arabic and hopefully another language or two.

6. I was planning on becoming a doctor.

7. I became a paramedic because being a doctor required too much school at that stage in my life and I wanted to be sure I could handle being around injured people.

8. I really, really miss the ocean.

9. I?m afraid of water. Call it a phobia, even tubs freak me out on occasion.

10. After having kids, horror movies stopped being so much fun because all I could think of is what if I were in that situation and had to protect the boys.

11. Sometimes, I?m convinced I have bad luck.

12. I?ve never had a long term best friend.

13. At night, I have panic attacks about my teeth rotting away.

14. In my teens, I was a respite care for a boy with Down?s Syndrome.

15. My nose is very sensitive and smells really bother me.

16. After years of blowing up at things that don?t work, I?m learning to just walk away and let Irving deal with them.

17. I wear a hat to bed because I get so cold at night.

18. All through adolescence, I wished I?d been born a boy . . . I hated being female.

19. For 2 years, I worked on an almost all male work site . . . 40-50 guys and me. They were always very nice to me though.

20. I?m still in contact with pen pals that I had as a kid.

21. Despite being DONE with wanting to have children myself, I don? t feel that our family is complete.

22. I have dreams about adopting a little boy. In one dream I protested that we wouldn?t be able to travel if we had 3 kids and someone said, ?What?s more important? Traveling with your two sons, or giving this little boy a family to grow up in??

23. I hated cooking until I was 16.

24. My mom is still the best cook I know.

25. I spent 4 years learning/working on 3D animation back when it was a pretty new technology.

26. I love sniffing perfume patches in Avon catalogs but never order it because I can?t stand the smell on me.

27. At night, I sleep in a sleeping bag.

28. I give myself time outs.

29. My favorite books are sci fi and cookbooks.

30. As a kid, I read up to 7 books a day.

31. These days, I?m lucky to read one a month, if that.

32. I miss catalogs.

33. When driving up hills, I get very nervous at the thought of shifting . . . even though I can do it without thinking when I come to a speed bump!

34. In my head, I?m still 17.

35. All my life, I drew. I haven?t drawn since Dorian turned one.

36. Meat grosses me out if I think about it.

37. So does flour with the little black specks in it that I know are bits of bugs.

38. Makeup hasn?t touched my face in years.

39. I grew up without television and we don?t have it now, either.

40. I like to watch kids? movies with my boys.

41. For those who haven?t read this blog much, I?m a big fan of Supernatural.

42. I?m also a big fan of vampires and was long before Twilight was even thought of . . . I did an independent study on vampires and werewolves in Grade 9.

43. Such was my obsession that the local video rental store ordered old vampire movies just for me!

44. Now our favorite vendor in the market is finding vampire movies for me. lol

45. I took ground school in prep for flying, but couldn?t afford the flying lessons.

46. In two years at Air Cadets, I made it to Sargeant and Level Five.

47. My ears aren?t pierced.

48. Books are my biggest obsession.

49. I?m really very impatient.

50. On my bucket list: Ride horseback on the beach, stand in the middle of a desert with nothing but sand dunes all around me.

51. I?ve written a novel which probably no longer exists. It was called ?After the Storm? and was about two teenagers and a busload of kids from camp who survived a virus that wiped out the world . . . back before 28 Days After and all those other virus movies.

52. I?ve written several children?s books which I even sent to various publishers, but only got rejected.

53. I don?t write fiction now because I can?t make the mental switch between fiction and non easily.

54. With a rifle, I?m an excellent shot. Could be handy in an apocolyptic situation.

55. At one point in my life I could juggle and throw knives . . . albeit, not very accurately!

56. I?ve had several businesses including, a home bakery, a gift shop, baby clothing stall in the market, seamstress, scrapbooking (Creative Memories) classes, a lemonade stand and, of course, my writing business.

57. I worry every day that I?m messing up my kids.

Your turn!

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