Where to Eat in Antigua: Casa de Las Mixtas

When I first arrived in Antigua, I found a job as an English teacher at a little school in the southeast corner of Antigua. My first day, one of my fellow teachers told me he knew the perfect place for lunch. He showed me this incredible little place that you would never look at twice if you didn’t know about it.

Casa de las mixtas, eat in Antigua

This sweet little restaurant is located down an alley that doesn’t show up on any maps of Antigua on 3ra calle Oriente (the second alley in the last block if you are walking toward the Calzada) and it is my favorite place to eat. Every day, from noon until 1 pm, they have a set lunch for Q20 or about $2.50. This includes bread and soup, a main dish with meat and a side, plus tortillas, a dessert and a pitcher of the day’s “fresco” or juice.

I took my sister twice to this place and the second time I used her awesome camera to take some photos. We had:

restaurant antigua
Baby acorn squash soup

eat in Antigua Guatemala
Baked chicken with salad

eat in Antigua
Fruit Compote

set meals, cheap food in Guatemala
Strawberry Coconut Juice

It was all delicious! The thing that really makes me love this place, though, is the people. It is a family owned restaurant and when I first started eating there, the oldest daughter had a baby. He’s now a tall, strapping young man and she’s had two daughters. The youngest daughter has only recently married and had a couple of little girls and they are frequently found in the restaurant, toddling around with their cousins. The grandfather passed away a few years ago, but the father and the grandmother are still there, working in the simple kitchen with their three daughters/granddaughters.

I also recommend this place to my visitors because in over a decade of eating there, I have never once been ill. Always a good thing. They do serve other things besides the set meal, but it takes a very long time to prepare (though it is also insanely good!), so we usually just go for the quick meal.

3 thoughts on “Where to Eat in Antigua: Casa de Las Mixtas

  1. I really enjoy reading your blog! Your stories are very fascinating. This summer I had the chance to study abroad in Mexico and was able to visit Costa Rica & Panama. I have yet to travel to the other countries, but would like to someday, especially Guatemala. The food pictures looked delicious!

  2. Hi Genesis, a teacher I met took me for lunch here on my last trip in May. I was amazed by the quality and the prices and I wish I had discovered it sooner.

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