A Blood and Guts Post

Ok, I lied, there are no guts in this post, but there is blood, lots and lots of blood . . . but don´t worry, I didn´t take any photos. Not until after the fact, that is.

It was a quiet evening . . . I was feeding Dante . . . Irving was listening to music on his computer and I heard a bloodcurdling shriek from outside. You know the one, that cry that means your kid is seriously hurt. It´s not an attention scream or an angry scream, it´s a very, very bad sound.

Irving´s youngest brother, Melvin (14) was outside with Dorian and he started calling frantically for Irving. I was out the door far faster, though and saw a rather white Dorian with his mouth wide open like he was crying, but no sound was coming out. Melvin was holding him and had one hand cupped to Dorian´s forehead. I ran over and he just said, ?His head.? And took away his hand.

Seriously, I haven´t seen that much blood since I worked as a first aid attendant on a construction site and a guy fell off a wall and cracked his head open on a concrete block. And this was definitely rivaling that. About .003 seconds after Melvin moved his hand, the blood was all down Dorian´s face, but he was screaming now, which was good. I grabbed him and ran inside to get something to stop the bleeding while Irving was still heading in the opposite direction.

After cleaning up the area, I caught a glimpse of the actual wound. Only for a second, since Dorian apparently has an amazingly efficient cardiovascular system, but I almost had to laugh. All that blood was coming from a tiny (like a little bigger than a pinhead) hole in his forehead! So I got him all cleaned up, sprayed the wound with antiseptic spray that is also a numbing spray and slapped a bright pink bandaid on him. And he stopped crying and asked to watch Cars.

So, you´re probably wondering just what did happen. We don´t know. Dorian fell, but we aren´t sure if he bashed his head on a board or a rock or something else. His uncle didn´t see properly and we were inside of course. It´s kinda tempting to blame Melvin for not watching better, but the truth is . . . we let Dorian play out there all the time on his own, so it would have happened anyway.

Whew. That was my first major(ish) injury as a mom and I am relieved to say that I didn´t panic or freak out and managed to handle the whole thing quite calmly! A skill I´m pretty sure I´ll need in the near future if Dante continues with his daredevil ways!

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