A Brand New Potty and Other Tales

We went to Antigua with both boys today, something that rarely happens. Usually, due to nap schedules, they end up taking turns going with us. It didn`t go too well and in the end, we came home, put them down for naps and just Irving and I went back to Antigua.

One of the purchases that I`ve been wanting to make for a while was a potty for Dorian. Most of the ones here are highly impractical with big decorations on the front that make it impossible for a little kid to just pull down his pants and sit . . . he`d pretty much have to undress. So when I found this, I had to buy it.


Dorian knows what it`s for. He said, ?Oh, yes. Pee here. I no pee there. I want diapers.? sigh. He wasn`t even interested in sitting on it clothed! In fact, he really wasn`t impressed with the whole thing.

dorian and the potty

I`m starting to think Dante is more likely to be potty trained first . . . he`s already sat on the thing whereas Dorian just won`t go near it!

If anyone has any tips on potty training boys . . I`d love to hear them. As it is, we`ll just leave the potty out . . . waiting for interest.

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