A Brand Spanking New Year

Just a few more hours before 2007 officially retires and 2008 takes over. This is definitely when people take stock of their lives more than any other time of year and resolve to be better and change their ways. I like the whole New Year thing because really, it gives you a clean slate. You are starting out and have 12 whole months to do stuff in!

The past year was actually a pretty good one. I met most of my goals set on the eve of 2007, including my monetary goals. My writing business went from zip to not so bad. We built a main room, got a fridge and a stove and basically moved out of the Middle Ages! And, of course, I had a baby, which is a pretty life-altering event on its own. All in all, it´s been a pretty good year. I can look back and say that I´m pleased with what I have accomplished, but this coming year, there are many more things to be done.

Lately, I´ve been reading Zen Habits and one of the things Leo talks about a lot is making habits. He says to select a habit each month to start. I really love that idea and have actually already begun. My first habit was to clean, sweep and mop the main room every night before bed, no matter how tired I am. And I´ve done it for over 2 weeks. My other goal, started just 2 days ago is to get up every morning at 6 am, even if I just want to roll over and go back to sleep.

Some habits I´d like to develop this year:

Do something creative, (painting, sewing, woodworking etc.) every day
Do something for myself every day (sit outside with tea, read a book, etc.)
Drink 8 glasses of water a day
Take the boys to the park twice a week
Make my own bread
Fold and put away laundry as soon as it gets back from the washer lady
While I like the whole habit thing, there are still some major goals to achieve this year, too. I´ll put them here and check back frequently throughout the year.

Build a bathroom
Get passports for the boys
Write at least one ebook
Make a documentary/movie and submit it to a film festival
Build my blogs/websites up to the point that I´m earning at least 1/2 my monthly goal from them.
Start a savings account and get an emergency fund set up.
Plant my garden
Build a perimeter wall
So, what are YOU going to do with your bright new sparkly year?

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