A Day In The Ruins

Sometimes you just have to get away. I`ve been working my butt off the past few days and it was definitely wearing on everyone around here, so last night I made an executive decision and planned a picnic for today.

We headed to the San Francisco ruins here in Antigua. It`s an old church with the ruins of a monastery (ok, I know that`s not the word . . . a place where priests live? Like a convent but for men) behind it. It`s really cheap to get in and you can picnic there and everything.

We haven`t been there since Dorian was a year old, can you imagine? Well, it`s a lot more dangerous than I remembered, what with a super fast two year old barreling down the path and vanishing up huge flights of stairs into nothingness in a split second. :S Scary. Not all the drop offs are actually fenced off and it`s about a two story drop!

We had to wait while Irving went to do something up the street. Dorian got a little bored waiting, so we went into the church. This is one of your typical, big airy Catholic churches and he was SO impressed. He kept saying, ?Oh, WOW! It`s so pretty.?

First, the boys just ran around the old courtyard for a bit.

Here`s a shot of the courtyard from above, after I chased Dorian up. I didn`t really take many photos here because I was busy keeping him from flinging himself off into space.

Then we spread out the blanket and broke out the food.

Irving was in charge of bringing the cups, so guess what wasn`t in the pack when we arrived? But we made do:

Then, Irving and Dante had a little lay down.

And I took Dorian exploring for a bit.

Finally, I showed Dorian how to roll down the grassy slope. He loved it! Then I would chase him back up.

Finally we packed up and headed home, much to Dorian`s disappointment. Here are a few more shots of the ruins from our picnic spot:

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