A Day of Convite

Every year our town holds a dance festival where a bunch of people dress up in costumes they`ve been preparing for months and follow trucks with speakers through the streets. They dance all through town, then they all dance in a competition in the town square and one group is chosen as winners. It`s all very big and exciting. The whole town turns out and this year was no exception!

First, the boys suited up in their Christmas finery, new Cars outfits!

And off we went to watch the dancers!

We missed the first bit, so we hurried to find seats where we could wait ahead of the dancers. I think there were about eight trucks, but we only saw three because certain little people got cranky after that number and we had to leave.

First we had to stop for snacks (notice how the stores here are all barred up, you can`t just pick out what you want, you have to order it. Let me tell you, that`s a lot of fun when you`re first learning Spanish and have NO CLUE what you`re trying to say!) . . .

And then we waited . . .

We weren`t the only ones anxious for some action!

And then, FINALLY . . .

It was pretty fun, but the boys were sick of waiting between dance groups, so we headed to the park where we had some food.

On the way back home, the boys caught sight of this . . .

It`s a game where you have to roll marbles up the sloped board and into one of many dips. Each dip has a number and the final total of all the numbers your marbles are on gets you a prize. Anything under 40 lets you get a cheap toy of your choice. This is the first year the boys realized what it was about and when they realized they could get a car, well, they had to play. Dorian went first and got the gist of it almost instantly.

And he got his prize, a red pickup.

Next up was Dante. He was bound and determined to do as well as his brother and get a truck, too! But he didn`t get the concept of rolling the marbles, he was hucking them all over the place. Still, his ricochet techniques worked.

Course, he had a little bit of help . . .

In the end, Dante got the same truck as Dorian, but in blue. There`s no photo because he ran off as soon as he got it and didn`t hold still for a second.

It was a fun afternoon out!

And, just because I don`t want to forget this and I know I will if I don`t write it down somewhere . . . Dante came in from the in-laws` today with red food of some kind smeared on his face. Dorian looked at him and asked, ?Dante, did you fall into the crayons??

Stay tuned for more pics of Guatemala . . . didn`t want to overwhelm in one post! lol

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