A Day to Myself (Well, a Morning, At Least)

Today, Irving got home at 5 am and so I decided to take advantage of this and go into town (alone, for the first time in nearly 2 years!) to take out my latest money and also to do some much needed shopping. (let´s just say we were surviving on the crumbs at the bottom of the bran flakes box).

It was SO nice being out and about without a toddler trying to grab everything or taking off at the most inopportune moment, without a baby hanging off my chest and having a hunger melt-down right when I am stuck in the longest checkout line in the world. And, I discovered that I´m not as out of shape as I thought! I can walk fast! And not be out of breath! When I don´t have a baby strapped to my front and a toddler on one hip! Who knew?

Anyway, Irving called twice to see if I was on my way home yet (I wasn´t!), but all in all, he did ok with the boys. And I went to the pacas, which is the second hand market behind the main market and got heaps of great clothes for the boys and some big clothes that have nice fabric which will be turned into clothes for the boys and also maybe a bag or two!

It was nice. I was running the whole time, trying to get everything I wanted, since Irving is not exactly patient about waiting around while I pick through threads and sewing supplies and rummage through massive heaps of paca clothing for future projects! But I got everything I needed, plus groceries and diapers. You should have seen me loaded down as I staggered through the market, knocking Guatemalans left, right, and center with my million and two bags!

Finally, I got home and no sooner did I walk in the door, but Dorian wakes up from a very short nap, crying and then Dante started screaming because he was hungry and stinky . . . and Irving was stressing because he couldn´t find his black dress pants and he had to write this note for school . . . I kinda wished I´d hung out a bit longer in Antigua, maybe had an ice cream or something.

But, I´m home again. Irving went off to yet another music gig and I have no adults to talk to for another 15 or so hours. However, I do have a big old heap of fabric waiting for me to dig in and start snipping and sewing! So that is something to look forward to . . . if the boys ever settle down and get to bed!

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