A Glimpse Into the Life of Growing Boys

Here are a few things that have been heard/seen around my house in the past two days.

Dorian (upon seeing some dishes that I knocked off the pila onto the ground): ?Oh, no!?

Me: ?Yeah, they fell.?

Dorian. ?Mama. Se cayo porque tiraste.? (They fell because you pushed them.)

Irving: Snoring very, very loudly

Dante: ?whaaaaakkkk, wakkkkk?, imitating his father´s snores from his position in the crib.

Dorian: ?Pollo, quiero pollo. (chicken, I want chicken) Mamana , quiero mamana. (Banana, I want banana) Cracker, quiero cracker.? Contrary to popular belief, we actually do feed our kids.

Dorian knocked something over at his abuelos´ house as well, the other day. His abuela said ?Dorian, what are you doing??

Dorian: ?Yo no, yo no. Zanelle (his cousin).?

In addition to all these fascinating little conversations, Dorian has exploded into boydom. Suddenly he MUST climb on absolutely everything and tears and blood are both flowing freely around here. For example,

Yesterday, he jumped on me and headbutted me . . . with his nose, resulting in his first nosebleed.

The day before, he was rolling around on the couch with his bottle, fell off and and split his lip on said bottle.

That same day, he fell off his trike twice, attempting a daring descent down the path that leads to our front door. He did finally make it and was very proud of himself, despite a scraped knee and elbows.

Yesterday, my little daredevil wriggled backwards down a steepish incline (for him) on his tummy . . . over large rocks, bits of concrete block and dirt. He had so much fun, he did it again several times and the end result was something of a chimney sweep look. I was too sick and tired (yeah, sick again, this time with a cold) to take a photo. But trust me, it was a mess!

Is this normal? Are all little boys like this? I´ve really never dealt with small boys and I have to say this is exhausting! (not to mention messy!) But I´m enjoying every minute of it . . . well, maybe not the bleeding lips and noses, but the rest of it, for sure.

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