A Little Dorian History

I thought I´d just get this out of the way, nice and early on this blog, since I´m sure it will come up later.

My eldest son, Dorian, was born with an imperforated anus. That, in layman´s terms, means that his intestines didn´t connect to the outside of his body. His anus was actually non-existent.

It was a very scary time, especially since he was born here in the public hospital in San Felipe, just outside of Antigua. They didn´t have the equipment to operate on him and I was only allowed to see him for a few brief seconds before he was taken away to observation. He wasn´t able to eat anything because there was nowhere for it to go!

When Irving came to see me, they told him that he had to find another hospital for the baby. Dorian was given to him, naked and without so much as a blanket! My brother-in-law ran to buy a blanket and a diaper for the baby and the search for a hospital that would do the very necessary colostomy began.

Irving and his mother were carrying this poor baby all over, trying to use Irving´s work insurance to get Dorian into a government hospital, since we had no money for a private hospital. Finally, one in the capital agreed to take him, thanks to my mother-in-law getting very pushy (she´s like that, it has caused problems between us, but in this case I was thrilled). Dorian had no papers, no birth certificate, nothing.

Meanwhile, I was stuck in the hospital in San Felipe, due to complications from pre-eclampsia (Dorian was induced because of this). I didn´t get to see my baby until he was 3 days old, and already operated. It was horrible, I thought he had died because he´d been moved and no one could tell me why he wasn´t in Intensive Care!

Anyway, to make a long story short, Dorian had his colostomy in February of this year, when they finally were able to close it (in a private hospital), after a reconstructive surgery on his anus when he was 8 months old. He is now ?normal?, but suffers from continued bowel problems due to the surgery.

So, that is the story of our firstborn. Thank goodness the second one didn´t have problems like that, I don´t think I could have withstood more hospital time with a baby who doesn´t understand why he is in so much pain and why Mama can´t make it go away.

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