A Little Trip to Antigua

I haven´t been to Antigua in eons, although we plan to go almost every day, something always comes up. So, today, we decided to head out, no matter what. Dante stayed with his tia Diana, since it was starting to sprinkle a bit. Irving borrowed his dad´s motorcycle and we squished Dorian between us and headed off.

It was NOT a nice day today. Cloudy since the morning, raining off and on . . . just not that pleasant. But we ate at McDonald´s, did some shopping, found out that the school teachers haven´t been paid yet this month (scary, since that means it´s just me earning at the moment!) and had a nice time as a family of 3 again. Poor Dante. Well, actually, he was being fawned over by his abuela, two tias, two tios and a cousing, so it wasn´t that bad. He looked pretty happy when we got back!

Dorian was SO good, even in the grocery store where he usually throws a fit while screaming ?Cookies! Quiero cookies!? Today he just ran around and listened when we told him not to touch stuff. There was a heartstopping moment for Irving when we passed the toy aisle and our little boy ran straight to a package of makeup. He really wanted that makeup set and Irving was going ?NOooooooo!? So, then Dorian turned his attention to some cheerleading stuff. These were plastic handles that had silver and pink or blue metallic streamers, I have to admit they were pretty cool. I´ve decided to get a couple to put in the boys´ Christmas stockings.

We got to the diaper stall in the market just as they were closing, but we weren´t the only last minute parents, so they opened the stall again so we could buy our diapers. Whew! Close one. The whole interior market was all shuttered up, it was weird walking there, but Dorian liked it because he could run all over the place.

As we were heading to the motorcycle to go home, it started to pour. We debated waiting it out, but really, you never know how long a deluge will last, so in the end it was decided we would make a run for it. To protect Dorian a bit, I took a big black plastic bag that was carrying the diapers and tore a hole in the bottom and a couple holes in the sides, then just pulled it down over his head. It worked like a charm, even if he kind of looked like a walking bag of trash. We got a few stares from people who probably couldn´t believe that two parents would be so stupid as to go out in the afternoon, in the rainy season, without proper rain gear for their child. I was a little embarrassed, but Dorian didn´t mind his plastic gown and he actually wanted to keep wearing it when we got home. He didn´t take it off until it was bathtime!

So, that was our little excursion today. And, for all those wondering about my pet spider . . . it´s dead. Irving killed it a little over an hour ago when the thing got cocky and came all the way out from behind the bulletin board. I should feel bad, after all, the spider never did anything to ME . . . but I´m just glad those 8 beady little eyes are no longer watching me type.

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