A Lousy Monday

Irving had a total of one day of quitting his job. This morning, at 5:30 am, his sister called and started telling him a whole bunch of lies excuses about how she can´t do the job anymore. So he had to head back.

I´m so irritated right now because I think she could have at least told him yesterday, so he would have been able to either find someone else, or at least get used to the idea. By that I mean not let me plan a wonderful schedule where I would actually accomplish something because Irving would be looking after the boys.

Don´t you just hate it when all your plans up and scurry away? I had great ones for today, too. I was going to write 5 articles for Constant Content, plus get ahead on my At Home Mom blog and catch up on my other two sad, neglected blogs.

Oh, and to top all this off, Dorian had a tantrum that lasted an HOUR over a bottle of water, because he wanted milk, and it´s pouring rain and the clothes that I washed are getting rained on and the lady who washes our clothes has had 90% of our wardrobe, plus all our towels for going on 4 days now. And I have PMS. Today is officially a Lousy Monday.

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