A Love of School

Dante spent the entire day yesterday asking, ?Can we have school? I want school.?

The reason?


We?re doing a unit study on spiders right now and my little guy is a tad obsessed (hence the theme). It?s been so much fun! I got some plastic bugs and spiders, printed off some activity sheets and a anatomical drawing of a spider. While the kids aren?t writing yet, they sure are thrilled to learn!

We read about the life cycle of spiders, looked for spider nests and webs, tested the webs with our fingers to see how sticky they are . . . and we?re not done! We?ve still got spider gliders to make, a paper mache spider and some pom pom spiders, plus learning more spider facts. Dorian is learning to read some spider words and both of them are counting spider cutouts!

I?ll have some pictures later, but here?s a totally unrelated one of Dorian?s worksheet. Note the little face in the lower right . . . he adds little touches like this to ALL his schoolwork!

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