A Memory from A Time Gone By

When I was little, my mom used to make us the coolest food. At least we thought so! She would make mini pancakes to dip in fruit syrup (homemade!) and we´d have our little lunch by candlelight. Or she would make alphabet soup, with the little letter pasta. I´d pretty much forgotten about that until yesterday when I happened to be browsing in the grocery store (ya, I´m weird that way!) and what did I come across but ALPHABET PASTA!

They had a whole bunch of bags, big ones, for about fifteen cents a piece. So I got two, but only two because I had to carry them and a whole lot of other stuff home on the motorbike, but I´m going back to stock up. Here in Guatemala, you never know when you might see something like that again! So it pays to buy lots. I learned this the hard way, unfortunately.

Anyway, I brought these two bags of alphabet pasta home and today I showed them to Dorian. He loved that there were letters in the pasta! So I made soup today, despite it being about 500º outside, with chicken and carrots and alphabet pasta. It was a big hit, with both boys. Dante had his ground up in a baby food grinder and Dorian had his almost without broth. Of course, since I was feeding Dante, Dorian decided (after picking his chicken out and declaring it ?delicious?) that he needed to be spoonfed, too. At any rate, let´s just say there were no leftovers, unless you count the two alphabet spatters on the floor!

Eating that alphabet soup today really reminded me of those meals years ago with my mom.

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