A Monster in the Kitchen

Yesterday, my counter arrived. A day late, but who cares . . . it´s HERE!! Now, because of the weird configuration of the counter and my stubborn insistence that the sink be at an angle (everyone in my town now thinks I´m a complete freak, first for needing an indoor sink and secondly for wanting it on an angle) to make the best use of my windows, the counter wouldn´t fit through the door.

So, the carpenter had it all figured out. He´d bring it in two pieces, no problem. Well, he got here and the first piece, a long straight bit, went in easily. But when it came to the sink part . . . not so much. In fact, the poor guy had to actually disassemble half the counter in order to get it in the door. Here he is putting it back together. (notice that my computer is in the middle of the room now, to the bottom right.)

Dante was really interested in all the tools. He got right in there, ?helping? the carpenter. I finally had to confine him to his bouncy seat, which was not well received. When he wasn´t allowed to play with the cool tools the carpenter had, he went and found Dorian´s play tools and put a couple of little dents into the new cupboards.

They weren´t able to finish everything yesterday, so the guy will be back today to put handles on, add the back bit of counter behind the sink and to fill in any holes left by screws. Then it gets pushed back into the corner and we just need the builder to come and hook up the water to the sink. I am SO excited about being able to wash dishes INSIDE, especially with all this rain.

Another post is in order today, once it all gets finished and is in place.

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