A New Awareness

Dorian has been showing some interest in bigger concepts lately and it`s really fun to listen to him. Here is a sampling of some of the convos we`ve had in the past few days.

Dorian: ?Mama, I`m mad.?
Me: ?Oh, you`re mad??
Dorian: ?Yes. I`m mad. Dante hit me. I`m very mad.? makes angry face

Me: ?Look, Dorian, I`m cutting this leaf into a heart.?
Dorian: ?Oh, that`s very nice, but I want stars.?

Dorian (to Dante who was stuck in a drawer): ?Oh, you have owies? Oh, dear. Poor Dante.?
Dante: ?MAMA!?
Dorian: ?Ohhhh! You want a hand?? (helps his brother out of the drawer)

Dorian: ?Goodness, Dante! You really smell bad!?

He`s suddenly realizing that he can help people out, name his feelings, direct people`s actions with words and note senses. I know this is something every kid goes through, but it`s just so cool to see firsthand!

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