A New Family Favorite

I?ve been cooking a lot the past while, to build up recipes for Gourmet Mama and also to start working on some cookbooks that I?ve had bopping around in my head for a while. Truthfully, there are a lot of things going on in my head and I rarely focus enough to actually do anything with them, so I decided to start in on making some of my ideas come to life.

Cooking is relaxing for me and lately I?ve been enjoying discovering old fashioned recipes. There are a lot of great recipes from back when it was common to just use three or four ingredients to turn out an entire meal, something we could all stand to learn these days! One of the older recipes that I found (I say older, because I actually remember eating this as a child at church picnics) was for flummery, or Jello whip. Turns out it?s super easy, uses just two ingredients, if you don?t count water, and it?s very, very delicious. Not to mention, fairly healthy, since it contains mostly milk.

The boys, as it turns out, LOVE flummery. And they now ask for ?flammery? pretty much every day. So, I thought I?d share it with my readers. You can find the recipe here.

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