A Rather Non-Typical Productive Day

You could say that today was not productive.

I had 8 articles to do, two blogs to get running again, a website to set up and new posts to write for three blogs. Irving left at 7 am for a music gig and won´t be back till the wee hours, so it was just the boys and me!

Dante was actually pretty good today, settling in his chair and talking to the butterfly toys dangling from the toy bar. Dorian was another story. I´m not sure what is going on with him, but suddenly he is super clingy.

If I sit at the computer, he goes nuts! He flops around on the floor, or pretends to hurt himself and screams his head off, or finds some way to lure me away from my computer. Should that not work, he comes trotting over with his bottle of water saying, ?up, up, Mama, up? and climbs onto my lap. Where he proceeds to bang on the keyboard, grab everything in sight and scratch my face. (he´s going through a scratching phase) Needless to say, I put him down as soon as he starts hurting me, which results in another tantrum.

Today, I decided that I just couldn´t handle more tantrums, so I turned off the computer and went and curled up on the bed with him to watch Hi5 and Barney. Then we watched Stranger Than Fiction, which I wanted to see for a while, and ate tons of raisins and had a few tickle fights.

He was pleased as punch to have so much attention, which made me feel pretty guilty about trying to work so much!

In the end, he went off to bed with a big kiss and a ?Gu nite, Mama!? I still have 6 articles and two blog posts and half a website to get up. And I can´t keep my eyes open (I know, it´s only 8, but I´ve been up since 2:30!). So, was it an unproductive day?

Nope! I spent time with my little boy, made him happy and remembered that I need to appreciate and enjoy my kids while they are still small enough to be thrilled that I´m playing with them!

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